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Productive day

Discussion in 'Positive Feelings and Motivational Messages' started by weevil, Mar 10, 2010.

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  1. weevil

    weevil Well-Known Member

    I think I might add to this thread everytime I do something or something gets done that makes me feel like the day wasn't a waste.

    I felt really avoidant of people yesterday and was dreading today as a phone engineer was due to visit to connect my new phoneline. All I had was a window of time of between 8am and 1pm which is a big window when he could suddenly come.

    I woke up at 8:30am and rushed about to make the flat and myself look more presentable. I'm not really that dirty with the home (it's a massive peeve of mine), I just had a few bits to straighten up and to actually wash myself as it's one of the first things I let go of.

    He arrived about 11am I think, I'm so glad I bought a doorbell when I moved in, I used to hate the sound of people banging on the door at my last house. The phone was really easily set up, he'd already sorted the connection with the main building so I didn't need to phone the caretaker. All he had to do was connect his gadget into the phone point and do loads of tests. Phone works perfectly!

    Now that's sorted I need to wait for the broadband to be setup but that doesn't need an engineer :D
  2. Scum

    Scum Well-Known Member

    Brilliant! It's a great idea to keep a thread to keep track of your positive things too. I like that :D
  3. weevil

    weevil Well-Known Member

    Okay I'm scraping the barrel today for something positive:

    I made TWO phonecalls:

    * One to find out the address of where I needed to send a copy of a doctors note. I have the envelope addressed and stamped ready to go, just need to wait for it to get dark so I can go out and post it. It's taken me 2 days since my phone was installed to do this.

    * One to tell the new electric and gas provider at my previous house that I actually moved out over a month ago and they need to hassle the remaining housemates to take over the account. Apparently they sort of did this but said I moved out yesterday, ha. Well I hope it gets cut off if they refuse to pay for some of it. I paid the ENTIRE LOT of one bill so they can fuck right off.

    I actually think now that answering the phone is scarier than making a call, first the surprise of it ringing hits you and then the uncertainty of who it could be or what it's about. Ignored phone call from previous housemate earlier, she's an anxiety sufferers nightmare.
Thread Status:
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