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  1. Lebe

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    I have prom in a couple of months and i have to go shopping for a dress this week... the only thing is i'm one of the biggest girls in my year so i feel fat as ever right now knowing that i've got to turn up at prom with skinny twats! I dont have enough time to lose weight because if i do then my dress will need to be adjusted!
    I don't even know what i'm asking for or hoping in reply! Just words of encouragement or something... i dunno :/
  2. north

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    you're just as good as those skinny twats :) and believe me - majority of people have something they feel insecure about and think that everybody notices that little aspect about them, but people don't actually care about such imperfections in others. look at Adele, she's not the thinnest girl ever, but she's amazing. and she looks very good too.
  3. Terry

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    Look for a dress that slims you down while showing off your curves...they're out there.

    Have your hair done and wear high heels (this will give you height)

    Put your best face on and hold your head up high, if you are confident people will react to that and remember we're not all supposed to be stick insects.

    Go with the intention of having a blast. :hug:
  4. Witty_Sarcasm

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    Don't compare yourself to other people because you are great just the way you are. :hug: I'm sure other girls there will be feeling insecure about how they look, too. Just try not to worry so much and have a blast. I'm sure that you will look great in the dress. :smile:
  5. Lebe

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    Thank you guys! Going dress shopping on thursday so getting a little bit excited.... thank you again! You're all wonderful people! :)
  6. Witty_Sarcasm

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    Have fun dress shopping! I'm sure you'll find the perfect one :smile: