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Hi, has anyone ever had side effects from propanolol, I have had it before but also had setraline at the same time. However I am only on propanolol just now and just wondering if the side effects are bad or not. Thanks.


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Being a beta blocker for high blood pressure, the most common side effect to watch for with propanolol is dizziness specifically orthostatic hypotension, which occurs when standing

up from sitting down or lying down especially when used in combination with an SSRI such as sertraline. This occurs when your blood pressure becomes too low momentarily so use

caution in that regard. If you find it becomes too extreme definitely notify your Dr. I assume you are taking it for anxiety, for which is commonly used for off label and a much better

alternative to benzodiazepines (Ativan, Xanax, Klonipin etc.)

Stay safe and I hope it will provide you with some relief and feel free to let us know how you made out :)


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Thanks for the information. It’s been a few days and seems ok so far. When I had sertraline also it was terrible side effects but hope it’s not to bad
Hi Ljt, ive been on Propanol for about six weeks and at first did have a couple of dizzy spells. Now it’s settled and much better. Good luck with it and take care xx


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They wanted to put me on this when I was just a youngster for anger management. I decided against it. So.. following along with this thread cause I'm interested.
Yep,same,here...I finally got the dosage right at 40mgs..but anything higher was lowering my blood pressure to much and I was sure I’d faint on many occasions...really helps a fluttering heart beat, or those that skip..and that in epically horrible panic attacks taking a propananol with my benzo will settle me down

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