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not sure if this will work, but on the "are your feeling suicidal" thread, i notice that there are more saying yes than i have noticed in a while, and i thought that maybe those that say yes...might find it useful to have a place to write the good things (however small) they enjoy to balance out the feelings of having nothing to live for..could be something they want to achieve, things they would miss, animal vegetable or mineral it doesnt matter. i truly believe there is something we would all miss and dont always recognise it in our dark days so if we write them down we can refer to them to remind ourselves that there are some positives in life if we make an effort to think of them.

if you think this is a bad idea, thread can be deleted, just trying to think of something that may help us all.


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i would miss my friends and family! they have tried to help me so much and i hate the thought of them losing me but it just might happen
i stick around for two things: my friends and my art.
i love and trust my friends. i couldn't leave them. when i'm down i look at photos of them, or if i'm up for it, i give them a call.
and as for art, i still have a lot of art to make. the world would miss out on that if i left early. so i tough it out.


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All I have is my test writing the hunger for a phd.the fact I am losing weight.
Plus I booked a dream holiday so id have a reason to live.
Also my career I worked so hard for.and the championseague final !!?

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This is a good idea. My friends are pretty much the only light in my life. I would also like live long enough to finish my degree, and see if I get my first.

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