prozac take me away ****???

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by lost_soul, May 23, 2007.

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    at one point i was on meds. but not anymore. i was taking proc=zac, depakote,abilify,and lamictal. when i take the stuff im like a flatline. i have no emotions at all. the house could be burning down, and i wouldn't care. i've been off them since december and my life has been a roolercoaster. im not sure which is better, flatlines or rollercoasters. when im on meds i wish i could feel something, and when im not taking them im a basketcase. manic depressant, and severely emo disturbed.
    anyway, i know i need the meds, but i hate taking them... is there something natural or something i can do for the moodswings? at the rate im going im going to go back to meth and heroin if i don't do something. at least when i was using i didn't have the mood swings. i was just terminally depressed. at least that i know how to deal with. been doing it for years. ive been on and off meds since i was a teenager. we all knew there was somehting wrong, but i never stuck around anywhere long enough to get get a diagnosis.i'm part jack rabbit. im a runner, run from everything.
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    sorry to hear what ur going through.
    Hmm what about a different med? no?
    i cant think of anything atm for the mood swings, maybe someone can help you out, or i'll think of something soon!

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    The same thing that i feel....I feel like that i have no emotions when i take anti-depressants..But when i take them i feel bad:(
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    Personally I'd take the flatline. I had heard about this before taking ADs and was actually hoping it'd do that to me, take all my emotions away. Nothing I've taken has done it to me, just dazed at first, but still emotions are there, both good and bad. Just not as intense.
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    just an update: i went back on meds in july, celexa, lamictal, and abilify. i was taking them for 2 months and lost my job, and insurance. stopped taking my meds again, i just can't handle the meds. having to take them everday. i know i need them, but do i want them? no
    i have another appt to see a pdoc on the 15th. not too sure of what they are going to do or give me. new doctor, new town, new state. i guess we'll see how it all falls together.
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    Well, good luck.