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  1. i've been taking prozac for about 4 months now, and its completely changed who i am, i can get really bad mood swings, of real highs and lows but my doctor wont change it...anyone else on it and it has changed em?
  2. innocencexisxlove

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    I'm on prozac.
    As for changes..
    I see some. but not a lot.
    And they aren't all good...

    :hug: glad you see changes
  3. Heavenly Star

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    Hi I took Prozac for a few months and it wasn't any help at all. It made me feel sick and my mood got lower and lower whilst i was on it.
  4. LouiseCap

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    I have been on prozac for just over 3 weeks now. It has made me cut alot more than I did before I started the med. It has made me feel lower also and I guess it's true that it can increase suicidal thoughts since mine increased. But they always blame that on the person would have had those thoughts regardless of the med. :dry:

    I am thinking of coming off it cos it's making me have mood swings also and feel more tired. But they did say that it takes 4-6 weeks til I start feeling the benefits so I may hold out til then maybe.