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    ..was just given a prescription for it today after i told my pdoc that the st. john's wort just made me tired.

    i asked him if prozac actually worked, in my best skeptical voice. he said yes, of course it does. 5 minutes of idly googling this shit on my phone in the train tells me that it has been scientifically proven by scientists in multiple countries, using data from thousands of patients, to barely work any better than placebos, except with a million side effects.

    i am already completely filled with irrational dread at the prospect of going on anti-depressants, i mean honestly i am not sure how which of my problems are psychiatric and which are situational and how many do not actually exist, and the idea of going on anti-depressants that don't even do anything makes me even more agitated.

    if you have any "prozac is a useless placebo/a miracle drug/the worst thing that ever happened to me/not as bad as people say" anecdata i would be very appreciative.
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    Miracle drug.

    As some who has ran a research laboratory and continues to edit medical research I can tell you it is a matter of numbers when it comes to side effects. I am so old I was part of the clinical trials of Prozac and the only side effect I ever had was restlessness at high dose. By law they have to list every single side effect. I have never heard that about the comparison to placebo effect but do know the placebo effect is high on mental health drugs due to the power of suggestion so the comparison is close not be cause of Prozac but because of a high placebo effect.

    As far as decreased sex went up

    Also the list of side effects grew with the generic which is not 100% the same as Prozac.