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jane doe

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today was a hard one. my boyfriend took me to a Psychiatrist, yes on saturday, and i felt so bad there, because i felt stupid, and i felt like she treated me like a stupid, she asked me but why do you feel like this?, and i got tired of tell her i don´t know. the onlything wrong on my that she found(beside my self harm) was that i smile all the time, she said that is from a sick person to be laughing all the time...well i have something to tell her i know i´m sick why the f@ck don´t you do something about it? i know i smile when i´m nervous but i don´t think that is so damn terrible as hurting yoursellf every f@cking night. and she told me that she must talk with my parents, because they con´t not know about it. F@ck i hate my boyfriend he´s taking away the onlythng that makes me feel happy, and now for his fault my parents will know what´s going on, and the worst: he checks everyyday so i can´t hurt myself, he tryes to do it without i know but i know he does it. so i´m not just angry i´m dessesperated.


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know it's scarey hun, but a psychiatrist was a good idea. You don't want to go thru your entire life feeling like this, now do you.
Try to stick with it :hug: :hug: :hug:


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I wouldn't mind seeing a psychiatrist.. Too bad i havent got the nerves to contact one myself, and that no one cares enough about me to ask if i want to.. :rolleyes:

It might seem a bit idiotic at start, but it'll get better.
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"Going to a psychiatrist" or a counselor is not a cure-all. It's not going to work for everyone, but it will help for some people. If you hate the person you're talking to it's obviously not going to help you, and if you don't find someone you at least sort of like it can become a waste of time. The point of talking to a counselor is supposed to be that you develop a relationship or way of relating to that person, and you use that to learn how to better relate to other people. The point of going to a psychiatrist is supposed to that you go there and they diagnose you with disease A,B,C,D 1,2 or 3 and prescribe a medication to "treat the disease", which are basically a whole bunch of symptoms they couldn't figure out so they tried to simplify the situation by coming up with the idea that they could be categorized into diseases like other bodily problems which are not as open to interpretation. If you have or develop a similar worldview as either of these, then you believe the same way and it may work for you personally.

If you look at what actually happens, it's often just that the patient who believes in the authority of the psychiatrist feels reassured that they have a "professional" handling the situation, as you would take your car to the mechanic they see their brain in a similar way. A professional who prescribes medication may be able to prescribe pain-management medications and provide reassurance that things will be okay, but that's really the extent of what they do. Someone who focuses on talking to you with less diagnosing may allow you to form an agreeable relationship of trust, and that can help much more if it works with you.

jane doe

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if you watch the simpsons you will know what am i talking about, she told me that i was like ned flanders, because he uses fool phrases to scape from the anger, and she thinks i do the same, but laughing. i have a msn friend who is a doctor that says that what i have is a quimcal disorder that can be cured in just two weeks of antidepressives, i told him that i can´t sleep or i sleep to much, my low self steem, about my self harm, i told him the same i told that woman, and she only sayed that i need to let it all out. why ? who´s lying?

jane doe

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you know my friend is from wales too, but he is living in new zeland now. the general specialist sent me as faster as he could to a shrink, so i don´t know why shrinks doesn´t care a fuck of me
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I'm sorry, but I've never heard of a chemical disorder (for mental illness) that can be cured with 2 weeks of anti-depressants. I have a chemical disorder called Bipolar Disorder and it's not curable at all. I don't know what that person was talking about, but I'm pretty sure there isn't some magic pill out there that can cure depression and suicidal thoughts and self harm, let alone in 2 weeks. If there were such a pill, we'd all be clamoring for it, I'd imagine.

As for the psychiatrist you saw, she sounds like she's not competent at all. Who cares if you're smiling a lot? A lot of people smile when they're nervous, me included. It sure as hell doesn't mean you're a sick person! That just pisses me off. I swear, don't these people know that they impact their patients greatly??? Who would give an idiot like that a medical degree? And to threaten to break confidentiality like that... I don't know what it's like in Argentina, but here in the US, doctors can't tell your parents anything without your consent unless you're in danger of killing yourself.

And to tell you that you're like a cartoon character... WTF?? Who the hell IS this woman??? I think you should find another doctor. Please don't think they're all like that. I think the majority of them are good and competent.


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Keep at it hun :) Sometimes when i'm feeling down i wish i had someone to talk too. But i don't feel brave enough to go to the doctors and ask for help.

I'm always around if you want to chat x
Seeking the help of a psychiatrist is not really a bad idea. While it may not be the cure all for what is the problem, getting things under control so the imbalances are realigned can help so we can get to the root of the problem. Depression doesn't usually just go away quickly. It takes a lot of hard work, and sometimes even that feels hopeless. Please keep your mind open and continue to work on getting better. Take care. :hug:

jane doe

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thank you both, i feel better now, i was so angry yersterday. i´ll keep trying not only for me but for my boyfriend because i don´t want to hurt him. i want the life we planned together and it made me so angry what that woman said.once again thak you, all of you.


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As was said before, not all Pdocs are competent or will get along with/help everyone. When you find the one you can confide it it will be helpful, you just need to find "the right one". Please hang on, things will get better. Just keep looking for the right Psychiatrist/counselor. Trust makes the difference between being helped and not helped.


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