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    sooo. im not in therapy now caz i have no money... i called my ex-psychologist and she told me i could go back to her but i would need to go to psychiatrist to prescribe me meds!! i cried on the phone caz i thought she would never say i need meds. i talked to my aunt and she said she would pay for it while i cant get a job. i still didnt call to book the first appointment.... maybe caz deep down i dont want to :( like... taking meds it means im really fucked up and i have no control over things.. :unsure: :sigh:
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    Hiya broken_smile,

    Is it possible that you can go to another place to see a different team of psychologists/psychiatrists and perhaps get a second opinion on whether you need meds?

    Also, I have had psychiatrists tell me in the past that I "only need to be on so-and-so med until I'm feeling better." I don't know if what they said was true, but I remember one telling me those exact words when she wanted me to try Mirtazapine and I refused (you might know this, but Mirtazapine/Remeron is a medicine that often leads to weight gain).

    Best of luck with everything.


    Mr. A
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    now i only want her caz i had her for 2 years and then i had to change (i finished my degree) and went to other i didnt like. so if i go to therapy i want her. but she said i need psychiatric treatment first... guess im really fucked up :blub: guess im afraid of depending on it, i dunno.. oh and i could use some weight gain..
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    Hmm... If you go see a psychiatrist, you have a choice to refuse or take the meds the psychiatrist prescribes for you. Maybe you can refuse meds if you do not want to be on meds. On the other hand, maybe meds can be helpful for you... :hug:
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    deep down i know i need... she said i get mad at everyone and my life stopped one year ago (which is both true) so.. but means im way worse than i thought or a least i thought i could control things :( and doesnt that shit fuck ur brain??
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    From what I've been told in the past, each medicine can lead to side effects, but it's about finding a medicine that both can help you and has very little if any noticeable side effects. Each medicine works differently for different people, so it's kind of like trial-and-error.
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    interesting.. :sigh:
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    Taking meds does not mean you're "fucked up" nor you have no control over things. It's a way to help you get through a tough time. And not necessarily you'll have to take it for the rest of your life...

    If you feel you need it, go for it... you'll feel better :)

    If you need anything, contact me, please!
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    :hugtackles: given that im afraid of side effects it will be hard to be convinced to take them :dry:

    p.s.: i need a freakin hour to find the emo i want :hysterical:
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    hi. if i need meds is bc i cant deal with things by myself right? and u dont know if i wont need them for long time :( im so used to feeling like shit! :sigh:
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    I know what you mean, and I kind of agree with you - I have the same fears about it -...

    It's still your choice, though... you could try it, and stop in case something you don't want happens... wanting or not, you should think carefully about the pros and cons...
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    yeah i know :dry: i hate this :(
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    when i finally try to call to book the appointment no one answers!! always same crap! :mad:
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    I had the same reaction when my therapist prescribed me Paxol at my second visit.

    You know what ? I am so happy he did.
    Without this, I know, in my hear,t I would be dead now.

    It really helped me and still does (less fears and less OCD too and a bit less stress.)

    He started with 10mg/day in April 2010 and by December 2010, I was (and still is) up at 60mg/day.

    I am lucky to have been refered by my family doctor, so it is free for me.

    Good luck.
  16. »broken_smile«

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    yeah but im afraid i need it for long time :(
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    I just turned 18 and I've been on meds since I was 15.. My psychiatrist prescribes so many different ones everytime I see her. They haven't hurt me at all. A lot of them have saved me. I'm in residential treatment now, and have been for 8 months, and I haven't hurt myself in 3 months. They help, ad don't mean that youre messed up.