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so far i have been to 2 pdocs and i dont really like the 2nd one ither...
should i try to get a new one? i doubt that my mum will let me. this pdoc wants to see me again in 2 days!


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Not all doctors are good for/with all patients. Keep looking til you find one you trust and get along with well. Give them a reasonable chance to help you but when it seems that they aren't, start looking for another. You owe it to yourself to try hard to find the right therapist for you. YOu deserve the best.:smile:




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How many times have you seen the second one?? Sometimes first impressions aren't the best and it might be that this one grows on you. If you've only seen them once perhaps you could give them another go to see if they improve?! I also wondered whether you didn't like them because they were being concerned about you (ie wanting to see you in 2 days time)?
shygirl i didnt like the new one because she seemed very... snappy. or it might just be that she isnt soem one that i would give any attitude to. i seem to already have a fear of her... maybe thats a good thing, she might keep me in check :rolleyes:


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I agree, to give them 2-3 chances and allow you to know them. She may had bad day herself and was being to "snappy" or short with you...or she may be strict and that causes you to say eeewww! no way....prepare, write some questions down and ask them to see how you feel with them.

Some pdoc may be more gentle, some more stern...they just need to be helping YOU!
good luck

I would advise finding both a psychologist to help you think about your personal issues, and a psychiatrist to offer you medication for treatment of your depression or any other conditions present. Both professionals should be in contact with one another so that they both have access to all the information you've given them. The most important thing is feeling comfortable communicating with them, trusting them and knowing they're really listening to what you say, and not pushing their own agenda. Good luck with your therapy.
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