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Has anyone on here been to see a psychic about why their life is the way it is? Did the psychics ever help?

Recently I went to one and they said I had an huge negative energy and that it needs to be removed. They were of some Hindu/Buddha religion, did astrological chart readings and on my dreams. Then told me that in my past life something awful happened and spirits + negative energy must be removed. I was told I had to make a huge sacrifice (large amount of money) to purchase candles, and crystals, tebanacle etc. They (being the psychic and temple people) will do "work" to ward of the evil spirit and negative energy including a chakra and aura.

I know this all sounds like a psychic scam and I even looked it up on the internet. But there are times I feel I am cursed. My life is of some awful curse because I have no job, never been in a relationship (I'm 38), and no friends whatsoever. I contemplate suicide everyday. I tried everything to turn my life around only to end up in the same place. I ended up being so desperate that I went to a psychic hoping for some answers, only to be at crossroads to believe that maybe I am cursed and they can remove it.

Please anyone help in advice and opinions. And please don't judge me. I have been through an emotional roller coaster. I have not paid the psychic at all (who claims they are doing the work for free). They money is for the stuff they need to remove the negative energy. They promise that my life will be so much better immediately.
ok,, i dont know about her,, it could be a scam or it may be they believe what they are saying, i read tarot cards and have for a few years,,, if you want a reading ill be happy to oblige, pm me with a question and ill see what i can do


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Dont touch them with a barge pole :grr: its a scam.
My nan was a psychic and so obviously had loads of spiritualist friends, none of them would take money, except perhaps bus fare or petrol costs if a journey was involved.
Dont know where you are, but if its the UK pop down to your local Spiritiualist church, they can tell you when their healers are available.

I dabbled with ouija's and the black arts when a megally stupid teenager, I told my parish priest and he did a cleansing for me, which was prayer and a mass.
And he didnt charge a penny either.


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I've been to psychics, there are 2 in my town, and while they do charge for their "services" a large amount of what they've told me has came true.. These were tarot card readings and I do believe in the tarot cards... I've had my palm read too and a lot of the information given to me during those times has proven true as well... well as it happens and reflect on it. It could be me applying the events that have happened in my life to what I've been told, but its pretty spot on for the most part..

But I will say, I believe most of the psychic stuff is a scam. I think most people have a good "sense" about people, so if they seem genuine, try it out. But I wouldn't pour loads of effort into it all at once I guess. :)


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I'm into stuff like that so I usually believe in most stuff like that. Never seen a Psychic though but I'd like to. Sometimes I feel like something dark has taken over me since I use to be a bright, sweet & optimistic person. Now I hear voices and get tempted to do some things I stop myself from doing. But anyways.. Psychic wise I feel like me & my dad are a bit Psychic at times. He can usually make predictions for people expecting a child. He once guessed the gender, due date, height & weight of a baby and was 100% correct. It was freaky.. I usually predict death or near death situations.. I'll have dreams about someone dying or getting hurt and it'll usually come true after a while. Like the time I had a dream bout my grandfather being in the Hospital and a few days later he was in the Hospital with a bullet in him. Eh.. I think its all in my head though like I'm some freak. :/
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