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    I am so effing mad! And sad! And Betrayed! And every other emotion out there! You won't believe this! I still can't believe it myself. But I'm gonna tell y'all anyways, so here goes.

    A while back my mom and I were having problems with some people. They were in a position of power and they used it every chance they got. Just because my mom wouldn't bow down like a little puppet. So they got angry and did everything in they're power to make out lives a living hell. And they did. People we thought we knew were coming against us and finnaly it became just us. But then me and my mom were becoming distant because she would work from before i went to school until after i got home. So i found a friend. A girlfriend to be exact. i love her with all my heart. Well my mom lives with us and just last night she accused me of putting pills in her drink. She has lost her damn mind and i'm sick of her. she had let this get out of control to where she is totally paranoid. But you can't tell her that because she's "perfect" and the bible and God tells her these things. She needs mental freaking therapy. I don't know what to do. I'm at a lost. I gave up so much for my mom and have done so much for her but she can't see that and I'm tired of trying to tell it to her. i really wnat her to move out because I am starting to hate her. I have already lost all respect for her and she might not get it back. Any thoughts.
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    have you tried telling her all of this?
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    Yes, but she is so pig headed. She thinks she is right ALL of the time, just because she's older and reads the bible all of the time. There is no getting through to her!
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    I really think u should talk to your mum. Just sit her down and tell her everything.

    Im sorry she accused u of putting pills in her drink :( no mother should do that :(

    I think that if shes making ur life difficult and really hard then u have a right to put her out of ur house. It might not sound like the ideal thing, but its ur home and this could eventually ruin or damage ur relationship with ur girlfriend.
    I think u should give ur mum an ultimatum and tell her to change her ways or she has to leave.

    Im sorry uv given up so much for her and she repays u this way. A mother should not do that :(
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    What you said is hard to hear but definitely the truth. I know I need to distance myself from her in order to salvage any relationship we had. But I feel like I'm being a bad daughter if I so put her out. I wish life wasn't so complicated and painful. Thank you for your great advice.