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Hey everybody,

I seeing a psychologist for 1 time a week, and next week is my third time... But it's so very very very hard for me to show my feelings in real life. I don't know how to do that. I can't speak about my depression and my cutting in real life. I'm sitting there in that weird room... Everything is so weird and hard:sad:

Does anybody have the same problem?

The second time that I saw him it was like: hey, come and sit down, well let's start, did you cut last week? And i was like: eeeeehhhhh:mellow: Yes...:shy: . He asked: okay, and why did you cut? And he looks all the timem straight to me. Really, the only thing I could say was: ehhh:shy:

I couldn't tell it to him! I want it but I can't! I can't tell him about my feelings. I can't tell him about my cutting, about my suicidal thoughts... It's too hard for me:dry:

Does anybody know how I can make it easer for myself to talk?:sad:
i just want to let you know it's ok not to be totally comfortable expressing your feelings when you first start seeing someone. it seems only natural to me after all they haven't established trust in the situation. yes, they are a person in a position of trust but you can't be sure knowing how they will react and such. at least such was the case for myself.

i would like to encourage you to just give it some time. you know, maybe talk about something else that seems more doable. if you really need to discuss these issues with your doc then do so but express just how hard it is for you. somehow when most of us do that it tends to crack the ice some and begins to make things a little more bareable to discuss.

if you have anymore ?'s or feel like discussing this more my door is always open so feel free to pm me. granted over today and tomorrow we're suppose to have a big snow storm so i may not get to the library here to write back right away but let me assure you i will get back to you asap. in the meantime, please take care of yourself and i hope you find what you need to make this work.


Thanx for your reply:smile:
yeah I know he's a little bit going to fast for me... I'll try to tell him next time it's TOO hard to talk about such subjects. But when I know what I wanna say when I'm there, I just can't speak... Last time I take some text (which show more about my feelings) with me to my psych, but I was unable to show it to him...
Maybe it feels like it's my privacy... But I have to talk more, because he can't help me another way...


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I think most people find it difficult to talk to a stranger - a psychologist - about personal things. I know I was extremely uncomfortable when I first began therapy. It takes time to build up a level of trust.

One of the things I found useful was writing down things I wanted to say. If there was something really important that was too hard to speak, I wrote it down and gave it to the therapist. Once the therapist read it I found it slightly easier to talk about. Just a suggestion.

I hope it all works out for you.

Take Care

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