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    Does anyone know what psychotherapy is? My CPN reckons I need to do this, I have said no but she's told me I have to think about it and reconsider - but she didn't even tell me what it was about!!!!I have done dbt for a year and a half but it never helped, they teach you to talk about things when you dont want to and then when the year is up they just leave you. I dont want to have to talk to someone else and learn to trust them for them to just leave when you need the help
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    Hey! :hug: I looked on Wiki and it says DBT is a form of psychotherapy.

    I think they meant one of the forms of PT which are listed there then which are a lot... So it could be anything, really.
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    Thanks for looking hun xx
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    Psychotherapy is about trying to get to the root of your subconscious and what core feeling is a foundation leading to depression etc. usually it has to do with parents but not always. It's something like that.
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    Hia thanks for your reply, I have looked further at it and seen something similar to that, not sure I want someone digging deep to see how much more of a freak I am, its better if some stuff is still unknown
    Thanks for help though
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    I did a bit of psychotherapy with a woman who was kind of weird...she was always trying to provoke me and at one point I said I was sleeping with the door closed to my room and she went on on how she couldn't stand sleeping in a closed door room etc...then went on about how she didn't like it when her son called her grand son by a nickname, example his name was nicolas and they called him nic...

    it was a really weird experience and it felt like I was the therapist instead of her...I didn't see her long because the place closed, it was a goverment place but the funding wasn't enough...

    I guess you should research the background of the psychotherapist so you don't get any bad experiences...