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so... I had my first meeting with my psyciatrist yesterday.. which I didnt even know it was coming... I dont think the lady liked me much some reason... worst of all she even had my mom come in even when I begged her not too... these people dont seem to understand talking with my parents makes it worse!!.. ... how should I .. like let them know

:sad: ... and she even said talking to people who dont completely understand depression is a bad thing... aka my friend and my history teacher...


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I have one thing to say THE SHRINK IS A BITCH !!!!!

Don't let her get u down hun:hug: :hug: :hug:
I'm sorry she did that :( That really sucks. I know it was bad enough for me when a psychologist they made me see, made us all sit together and have a 'meeting' about why I'd been cutting...I know a little of how you feel, I think.
As for the not talking to people who don't understand about depression thing. Well, to an extent, this can be true. Quite often if you tell someone who doesn't understand it, you will get a bad reaction, or told to snap out of it. Luckily for you (I'm assuming here) your friend and your history teacher seem to understand at least a bit and are being helpful and letting you talk to them :) Just remember that if you don't know what depression's like, it can be hard to help beyond just listening...
I hope your next appointment goes better hun :)
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ha thank u Devastated :)

moonstar89 thx :), well... I guess I should consider they dont understand depression that well... but they do listen well and are more than willing to help me.. so I'll keep talking to them even if she thinks its a bad idea..
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