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    The pained painted parrot of a thousand faces
    Set fire to itself, to set the paces
    Drowned once more
    Undone, lost, prosthetic w-hore

    I am nothing
    I am sliced
    A sonorous silence, leader of mice
    I am the heated idealised blue
    Made up, done up
    But I can’t reach you

    Beware this walking invisible corpse
    He talks and talks and talks and talks
    But he’s a long dead fire, through screaming warped
    He counts the liars
    Shielded by cosmetic force

    They cannot even begin to fathom
    The darkest, deepest, hurt-laden chasm
    Intrepid clown
    Void of frown
    Is only one of many sounds
    And do not even begin to think
    That symbols, or books or arrogant pricks
    Can be the cause,
    the slithering agent,
    only ocean: love, in which this heart sinks.

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