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  1. Rainfly

    Rainfly Member

    Tell me...

    If you reject the idea of God and believe that mankind makes their own gods, and you feel that mankind is a complete waste of energy on a crash course for extinction, what purpose can you find in life?

    I am a satanist, I do not believe in the spiritual, I believe in the carnal. I believe that the only salvation mankind has is by working together to ensure the survival of the human race. And by that I mean the research and discovery of renewable energy sources, and the eventual colonisation of space. My beliefs are that this is the only way the human race can survive in the long term - THE PLANET WILL GET RID OF US EVENTUALLY.

    Unfortunately, I also believe that this isn't going to happen, or if it does it will be much too late. Most governments are twisted to a point that sustaining their power and position has taken priority over everything else, no matter what they say. The few who actually want to do something of worth for our future seem to be hopelessly outnumbered.

    So these thoughts and beliefs of mine, they've taken years to formulate and are still very much open to new ideas. But generally I see no future for our species, hope is dying. And now I want nothing to do with it. I don't want to contribute to our global society that is bigoted, hypocritical, genocidal and above all selfish. And everything I do is connected, my taxes, my car, the rubbish I produce. It all contributes to the destruction of the planet, the stealing of people's liberties and the taking of peoples lives. I feel responsible because I am. My race, my responsibility.

    There is nothing I can do to change this. I can go through all the motions like everyone else, recycle this, switch of this, save this, do that. But at the end of the day it doesn't boil down to that, it boils down to people, every single one of us and there just aren't enough who care. Mass ingorance and indifference to our plight here on planet earth, breeding away in our little homes and slowly choking the planet so that all we will leave our children's children is a barren wasteland, devoid of life.

    So yeah, I don't want to anything to do with it. and because of this I can find no purpose in life. There is nothing I can think of that I could do with myself that I feel would really benefit me, and the rest of us. I'd happily volunteer to be shot off into space on exploration missions, but I don't think the opportunity for that will arise.

    So now I don't want anything, I have no desires in life for myself except infinite sleep. Everytime I go to bed I hope it's the last time because waking up everyday and knowing I'm part of humanity really makes me want to die. It's our only true purpose.

    Can I ever find anything worth my while in this world?
  2. LostMyMind

    LostMyMind Well-Known Member

    I'd just like to say that I agree with your view wholeheartedly and feel the same way.
  3. GAWD!!

    EVERY word you said rings SO true - except for being shot into space....what's the use, we'd just fuck it up anywaze - sure there's a lot of it out there...but given Human's VAST (and proven) potential for DESTRUCTION...

    ...The Universe ain't safe with us in it...


    P.S. Makes it VERY hard to live in this place, don't it - when you see SO clearly the writing on the wall...
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  4. Rainfly

    Rainfly Member

    Thanks man, it's good to know it's not just my head.
  5. Rainfly

    Rainfly Member

    It really does, thanks for your understanding. It helps.
  6. worlds edge

    worlds edge Well-Known Member

    I do, at least as a practical matter. I could probably be argued into some sort of Deism, but I certainly see no evidence of a personal and loving deity or that there is anything like a soul.

    I think ideally we should be our own gods, not manufacture them as something external, personally. Rather like what Nietzsche wrote about, or at any rate in his lucid moments wrote about.

    You make your own.

    LaVeyan, Crowleyite, Temple of Set, etc.? I personally find satanism a rather dubious creed, especially given how so many of them on the one hand claim to be atheists and materialists and then on the other talk so much about whipping up spells and potions. I've also tentatively concluded Anton LaVey was more a con man than anything else. He certainly cribbed enough of his "Satanic Bible" from other sources to make plagairism a credible charge. But since they leave people like me alone I have no problem leaving them alone.

    For avowed materialist, as you seem to claim to be, this seems dubiously close to the "strong" Gaia Hypothesis that postulates the Earth as a "living organism" in and of itself. Seems like nonsense from where I'm sitting anyway. I don't buy it.

    Unfortunately I'm thinking that's something beyond the scope of this board, at least as your question at preent is so broadly framed. All people can do is claim that such and such works for them or that they've given up on the quest or that they're still looking themselves. Probably if you could get a bit more specific?
  7. Rainfly

    Rainfly Member

    It scares me a little that you can read one sentence and then compare this to an entire hypothesis that has been formulated over decades.

    I do see where your coming from, I am already familiar with the Gaia Hypothesis, but that isn't what I was saying. Science shows that the Earth's environment has undergone dramatic changes over the course of it's history. It's surely only common sense that such changes will occur again, especially considering the amount of damage it sustains everyday. There are a lot of things that we take for granted such as the Earth's magnetic field, it's atmosphere, it's gravitational pull, the climate. All of these are based on factors we have no control over like the movement of the Earth's core, the effect of other celestial bodies such as the sun and the moon, plus many more.

    For everything science tells us, there are a hundred things it can't. No-one can say for definite how it all works on a universal scale or how exactly life began billions of years ago.

    My point is that eventually something will change the environment of this planet, it is surely inevitable based on it's history. I personally believe that we are only accelerating the process.

    This does not mean I see the Earth as a living organism, only someone desperate for controversy could deduce that!

    Let me sum it up. I think that one day the Earth's environment will one day be altered (by some as of yet UKNOWN means - not because the Earth decides to) and as a result become uninhabitable to homo sapiens sapiens. I believe that we need to prepare for this as a species and it just doesn't seem like we're ever going to, until it's too late.

    With regards to Satanism. The Satanic Bible I read mentioned no potions so not sure where you got that from. Yes there are spells, dogmatic rituals, the inclusion of which is quite clearly explained by your average person's need for dogma and ceremony. I don't practice the spells myself, I don't feel I need to but they are there for anyone who does.

    Anton LaVey also quite happily admits being influenced by Machiavelli, Nietzsche, Ragnar Redbeard and Ayn Rand among others.

    I don't think you quite got what I was saying but it's ok. Words are easy to misconstrue. You do scare me though.
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