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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by elvinchild, Jul 24, 2009.

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  1. elvinchild

    elvinchild Well-Known Member

    What it all comes down to is I want to die, simply because life is purposeless. I don't believe in God, or that we are put on this Earth for any reason... So I cannot enjoy life, when there is no substance to anything, it simply just is... How can I ever recover from this? I've lost my faith and I feel there is no turning back. I can remove all the pain in my life but the joy has no meaning to me. And so it disappears.
  2. Angelo_91

    Angelo_91 Well-Known Member

    Yes that feeling where there is no ultimate goal in life, no reward at the end of the tunnel. But maybe there is a purpose when we die, maybe it is just some messed up trial we are put through or maybe we just rot to dust when we die and are buried. Life can look like a sick game and maybe deep down under everyone's masks, were all scared of our uncertain demise but we can still just hope for the best even if we are doomed. Hold on if you feel like letting go!
  3. bright1

    bright1 Well-Known Member

    If you had faith and now you've lost it, it's perfectly understandable that you're wondering why you should bother to go on living.

    But for those of us who never believed in God, the world seems to be a very lovely place. It's not somethat that has fallen and needs to be fixed--it's perfect just as it is. People aren't suffering through this life until they can have their heavenly reward, they're enjoying their lives for as long as they're alive, and not worrying about whether what they're doing is going to be rewarded or punished after they're dead.

    People who don't believe in God actually usually have a pretty bright outlook. In fact, some of us even call ourselves brights (and now you know the reason for my handle).

    Not that I don't know how you feel. When I've been at my lowest, I've said the same things that you are now. If we only have this life and no other, if there's no purpose, then why bother going on? For me, it was losing my husband. If I have to live the rest of my life alone, then why prolong the pain of loneliness?

    But I can't know what's just around the corner. I'd hate to miss out on something great that's coming.

    There is a purpose to life. The job of each of us is to leave this world a better place than it was when we entered it. We have to do our part to help humankind progress and mature.

    Remember that if not for the bad things in this life, we can never appreciate the good things. Can you appreciate finding that person to spend your life with if you don't know how quickly that person can be taken from you by a drunk driver or by cancer? Can you appreciate a sunny day if it never storms?

    You can't stop the bad stuff from happening. But you can appreciate the days when nothing bad is happening. Knowing that you only have about 70 years to live, how can you resist a sunny day? Knowing that life is sometimes a struggle (maybe most times), how can you not enjoy those days when you're not struggling?

    Give yourself some time to come around to a new way of thinking about the world. All your life you've been told that God has a plan for your life, so it must be very painful and very frightening to realize that there is no plan except for yours, and that plan can be disrupted at any moment. And it must be very frightening to think about death as being simply the end of your existence when you've always been told that you can have an eternity in heaven.

    Losing your faith is hard. But having no faith is not as bad as it seems right now. Hang in there.
  4. triggs

    triggs Account Closed

    :hug: life may not have purpose, but there are times when we can feel happy - and they are the best times, and they are worth living for :hug:
  5. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Elvinchild :hug:

    I'm sorry you feel that you can't enjoy life :sad:

    Have you seeked any help from people around you?

    A little help can go a long way , wish you the best, Irishdoll xx
  6. Oceans

    Oceans Well-Known Member

    (((( Elvinchild ))))
  7. elvinchild

    elvinchild Well-Known Member

    I appreciate the responses :) I hope I find a way to enjoy life again... Its just that lately I feel like even the things I enjoy, and my happiness itself, has no meaning to it! And then I can't even enjoy the things I love, because it seems empty, ya know? I don't know how to get past it.

    And I don't even know why it matters so much to me that there is meaning behind everything, I guess the only meaning I really can find is helping other people, which is a good cause, but I am getting drained and tired from always doing everything for someone else. I keep living that way though, because I can't seem to find any enjoyment for myself, since it is so empty... ah?!?!
  8. X-51

    X-51 Active Member

    That largely sums up my issues as of late.

    It's not so much that I have a justification for wanting to die, but rather I can't find a justification to want to live. All "reasons to live" seem rather subjective to me. I'd go further, but if you're in a rut, I think it would be counter-productive to spread out my argument for why existence is pointless.

    However, even *if* god existed, I don't think that would make life have any more or less value. If we were created for a "purpose", then ultimately that means free will becomes even more cheapened and redundant. If we were created without purpose, then ultimately we're back at square one.

    If nothing else, I think I understand your frustrations. Sometimes that alone can bring some comfort.
  9. elvinchild

    elvinchild Well-Known Member

    It really truly does. Thanks for reaching out :) ... but sorry to hear you're in the same boat!
  10. swimmergirl

    swimmergirl Well-Known Member

    Someone wise once said, the meaning of life is to give life meaning. I think that is right, we can create our destiny, it is not all predetermined, keep looking for the joy, you might find it where you least expect it. The fact that you are searching is a good sign.
  11. boo

    boo Well-Known Member

    life isnt purposeless, your's might be or mine. But yea i feel the same way you do. they are no color in my life just shades of grey
  12. Melmoth the Wanderer

    Melmoth the Wanderer Well-Known Member

    I've had the same thoughts and have found comfort in the writings of Albert Camus, Viktor Frankl, Jean-Paul Sartre and Friedrich Nietzsche. Camus especially made me feel less alone in my thoughts and helped to cement many of my inklings.

    I wish you luck in finding meaning in a life without God.
  13. wastedmylife

    wastedmylife Well-Known Member

    are you an attractive person, do you have hormones in your body, if the answer is yes to either of these then you have a purpose and that is to have sex and pro create, even if you choose not to have kids, me I have no purpose because I have practically no testosterone in my body
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