Put on "moderation" for questioning a forum admin

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    Not on this site, but another, and this seems to be an old problem of mine. I have issues with biases from people with power and influence, and in this case a forum admin who owned the forum made a change I disagreed with, and I politely, but firmly expressed my discontent and called out his lack of logic on the matter, even revealing his own hypocrisy.

    Another admin had even chimed in and, among other member(s), assured me that the admin was reasonable, and I would not be penalised if I was reasonable (no suggestion that I wasn't being). It's just such a shock when someone seems to abuse their position of power in order to intimidate and potentially silence you, especially if it's by their rules and you know they probably aren't going to be fair given what you know about them.

    I'm not really sure if I expect anyone to read this or care, but it ties into my issues with corruption and abuse of power that makes me feel especially desperate and depressed. If trying to understand, and maybe even correct, injustice is penalised, then why bother trying?
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    I hear you and yes some people in power do abuse it ive been there when the people who are to listen to understand to protect don't because of themselves

    I am sorry that you too have felt this sting all we can do is be ourselves and not let these people silence us

    If we are banned then we are banned not a good place to be if the people in power are abusing that power and harming others.
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    I know exactly how you feel.
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    Sorry this happened to you. Some people just let power go to their heads, even police officers can do this for obvious reasons, wanting to gain respect, wanting to feel higher than everyone else, having powers ''regular'' people don't have etc..

    Sorry i did not see this thread sooner, if you want someone to talk to feel free to message me :)
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    I'm sorry that happnened to you. It's already been said in other words, but it sucks when someone misuses power like that.