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  1. gentlelady

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    This is just a mini rant I thought I would share. I can't decide if I am offended or should laugh it off. I am a member of a PTSD Forum called Breaking the Ice. I don't frequent there much as I do not find the members very supportive, but sometimes I need to share things so i go there at those times. Anyway, as I went on site yesterday a PM notice popped up that a thread had been edited. No big deal until I opened the PM to see I had received a warning. Wondering what that was all about I looked into things. The warning I received was because I had failed to capitalize the first letter in each word of my thread title. I think of when members here get warnings about something and the complaints staff receive over the fact they have gotten them. Think about this a little when you are asked to refrain from something. I don't think what we at SF ask is all that much in comparison to this. How many of us would be placed under mod or banned if we were expected to be grammatically correct in our times of crisis. The last thing on my mind at those times is whether I capitalize words, or place punctuation in the right places. What are they actually telling you besides you fail at just one more thing. And I never even received a reply to my thread.. So you see, none of us are immune to criticism or feelings of rejection. I am so tempted to make a post there using all capital letters, but I will refrain. I will not sink to their level of pettiness. Okay rant over. Thanks for listening.
  2. Beautiful Disaster

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    that is insane, really.. i think you should laugh because it is totally ridicules.. omg, woow

    yeah screw them..


  3. snowraven

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    How crazy.See why you don't go there much. Love and best wishes, Simon.
  4. Petal

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    That's hilarious!!!

    WOW...JUST WOW..
  5. JohnADreams

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    I was on a gaming forum once that had two conflicting rules. They wouldn't let you post on threads that were over 2-3 months old but they also didn't allow new threads to be made on subjects that already had threads discussing them. If you did either, then the threads were locked.

    So if you wanted to talk about something that had already been covered before you joined up, you couldn't.
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    Hun laugh it off definitely and then return there and a reply with a lmfao!!!
  7. Terry

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    If its any consolation I got an infraction warning the other :eek:hmy:
    I had joined a site that I thought was for Limewire users, as I had a big beef about the amount of spam on Limewire I immediately launched into a complaint and asked them if there was anyway you could spot the bona fide downloads from the ones with spam.
    Go back and there's a pm waiting for me, in it I got called an attention seeker and troll :eek:hmy:
    :wootrock: I finally achieved TROLL status :laugh:
  8. jameslyons

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    I'm guessing the site was run by ex-military PTSD sufferers? Wow, just wow.
  9. White Dove

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    that is plain crasy.

    heck if one is in pain or a crsis they wont remember when to captilize anything.. sounds to me like that site might not be such a good site for support, and i am sure there are much better support sites to visit that deal with these issues, if not, then remember you got all of us here at SF..

    Hum, should we all go there gang up on them and beat them mods up for ya?
  10. Hazel

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    That really made me smile, as you say when we think of the complaints we get over our moderation, maybe we need to refer our complainants to that site! lol
    Just laugh it off and find another more supportive site hun. :hug:
  11. thedeafmusician

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    Ouch. Just, wow. Ouch. And what a load of bullshit. I can understand why you don't go there much. :hug:

  12. Stranger1

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    Gentlelady you go girl!!!Admins and Mods rule!!!
  13. Acy

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    cor'nina. i Doesn't miend if youse grammah's nor crrrotect and thieres spelun mistaeks in ur posets. U feal frie to poset hear howevers ya wanna.

    Imagine the headlines this could make: Punctuation is a "comma" trigger for PTSD sufferers on website! Website causes flashbacks to traumatic language arts errors!

    How silly of them! I guess you committed ('scuse me) - a "capital" offense :tongue:.

    Laughing is much better than taking this seriously. :laugh: