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Quantifying the loss is the worst.

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by jameslyons, Dec 10, 2008.

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  1. jameslyons

    jameslyons Well-Known Member

    Depression drives a victim impotent.

    For years
    and years
    and years.

    Have you ever asked yourself how much you've had to sacrifice in order to deal with your depression? How many economic opportunities passed you buy? How many social events and opportunities were hindered by grief? How many academic problems were created? Did you reach where you wanted to go in your academic career or were you blocked by your depression? How many career paths were shot down because of this constant sickness?

    I've been in a constant struggle against chronic depression for over 16 years now. My potential was spent and now I struggle to complete the most basic processes. My vocabulary and (it seems) my IQ has been taken by the sickness.

    It's time I face up to reality and admit defeat. It's won, completely.

    No need to respond. I shan't be returning to this forum for sometime.

  2. snowraven

    snowraven Well-Known Member

    I hope you do return James. Don't give up.Best wishes.
  3. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    If you need time to yourself that is fine, we will be here when you decide to come back! I know what you mean I was in upper management for ten years and have lost it all. There is no way I can go back to that level, I just don't have it in me. My depression has hindered quite abit, I can't seem to concentrate long enough to even attempt it. Same thing in therapy my therapist will be talking to me and I will drift into nothingness. I see her mouth moving but can't focus to have a normal conversation with her. Take your time. Like I said we will be here for you...~Joseph~
  4. jameslyons

    jameslyons Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the support.

  5. LenaLunacy

    LenaLunacy Well-Known Member

    :hug: Pm me if you need to talk :)
  6. jameslyons

    jameslyons Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the support guys.

    After some carthartic heart to hearts, I'm feelin pretty good again.

  7. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    I'm glad you are feeling better James :hug:
  8. ergo51

    ergo51 Well-Known Member

    Loads of profesional opportunities thrown away, left a a management posistion I was in for 6 years and ended up on sickness benefit rejected all the women in my life and now have sweet F.A...................I've worked so hard as well, the shit in my head has won. Yep, I'm with you mate.......Your'e not alone with this one.................But right now at this moment I'm just thinking **** it all......It's all so ridiculous...I'll feel completely different in about ten minutes mind but thats how it goes eh. Anyway your not alone mate!
  9. weltunter

    weltunter Member

    Yes, I can relate. I do feel as if I am losing my intelligence and vocabulary, too. My IQ seems to have dropped considerably over the years. I have accomplished nothing because of my state of mind.
  10. Lovecraft

    Lovecraft Well-Known Member

    I think my IQ is actually going up, but I'm ironically becoming more and more insane because of it. People often accuse me of "knowing too much", and I really do agree. I'm more pensive than I've ever been before, and also more sad. I'm also less attached to "reality" and very disconnected to other people. I can easily waste away an hour in a dark room just contemplating this world, and every time I do it I find my life to become more and more like a Lovecraftian horror.
  11. jameslyons

    jameslyons Well-Known Member

    It can be really hard on a person. That's for sure. But the good news is that each person here has a great site to go to when they're feeling really low. :smile:
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