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    right so i'm lesbian and well my parents no my whole family knows but not my friends. we moved and i'm in a new school so they do know that i've slept with guy which i did biggest fcking mistake... anyways but sometimes the would say or ask me whether i'm gay and my normal answer is no im not. i'm not boyish a bit girly so perhaps its a vibe i'm juat giving off. thats besides the point i was just wondering if they ask again should i just go out and say it??? btw how on earth does this vibe thing work cause i fit in like a glove but s$till they think im lesbian haha its a bit odd

    dont u think it would be alot easier if they could just put a sticker on u at birth saying queer and u wouldnt have to go through this whole flipping proccess
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    when i came out, described my relationships and that i was queer my mother cried: NO YOU'RE NOT. queer is a dirty word! (am i queer though????)

    nah i relate to a lot of what you said.

    once my mother/sister knew i had a girlfriend but was attracted to men too they automatically assumed i was bisexual. i've given up caring what they think, personally.

    do the people around ask you a lot?
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    yeah sorta they would make a comment every now and then, then sumone will think a bit further and ask, but i swear the next time they ask i'm gonna act completley serious and say yes then make a joke out of it so they can just shut up thruthfully i dont mind people knowing its just my last year at school and the kids are a bit close minded so i just avoiding any awkardness
    and just like u i would also have an attration to guys but thas were it ends dont want anything else and they konw i have met alot of good guy friends in this way
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    hehe... i used to get those questions too... back when i was in the closet...
    now i've come out, they keep asking me whether im "still" bisexual lol... now they keep telling me i sound a bit heterosexual :huh:

    i think they might ask you because of the subjects you mostly may talk about...
    when i was in the closet, i'd almost never talk, and when i did, it was mostly about girls...

    i hated that question, 'cause i was in denial, so i decided to talk more about guys so they would stop asking...
    and they did...

    but a few years later, sexuality started playing a bigger role, and the attraction i felt towards girls became stronger and i was tired of denying it to myself and others so at age 16 i came out...

    and if it wasn't for my best friend being lesbian, i doubt they would have believed it...
    they still can't believe it xD
    but i am bisexual, and i like girls more than guys...