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  1. Jooper62

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    Is there a big difference between a psychologist and a Lcsw???
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    what means the sigle Lcsw?
  3. PeaceBlueFire

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    Do you mean a Licensed Clinical Social Worker when you say Lcsw?
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    I looked on-line and found an answer from a social worker who is a hospital administrator at a teaching hospital. I hope this helps you.

    Here's how she explains the difference:

    The scope of practice is different, but there is overlap in that both clinical psychologists and clinical social workers do assessment and counseling. Practically speaking, both do individual, marital, and family counseling. Both have credentialing bodies with standards of practice and ethical codes.

    Social workers may also work in community development, advocacy, and policy development. Psychologists can have specialized areas such as neuro, where, for example, they would set up programs in and/or consult in behavioral programs for acquired brain injury, or autism, or for testing for learning disabilities in adults and children, or for testing individuals prior to surgery for epilepsy, etc.

    Only psychologists can diagnose and interpret standardized testing. Also, the education is different: Psychologists have PhDs and psychological associates have Master's degrees. Social workers have a BSW or MSW – a doctoral level of study is mostly for those involved in teaching and research.
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    Licensed clinical social worker
  6. Jooper62

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    Ok thank you:smile:
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  8. Jooper62

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    In the past I have seen psychologists..Since I can't afford one I go Guidance Center much cheaper...starting to get compfortable with her. Though she is licensed clincal social worker..I just want the best treatment for me....

    Thanks for the responses
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    It has to do with the training they have received. Psychologists' spend a bit more time in school, and more training. That means they are much more focused on the roots of the issues, whereas social workers are good in crisis situations and very much oriented towards "results."

    Hope that helps!
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    I went to a social worker and she was great, whilst she was away I saw a psychologist, and he was hopeless, he couldn't even maintain a conversation. At the moment I am seeing a psychiatrist and she is about the same as the social worker as in talking to me etc.