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    Hello, sorta an odd question to everyone, but I am somewhat curious as to how one goes in and gets treatment/help for depression, what in all goes on for the diagnosis, and how much it costs. I don't have much money to spare, and have no health insurance (live in the US) but I am reasonably secure as long as treatment and such doesnt cost $1K or more. I have been suicidal and depressed for years, and then came to this site, talked to people, somehow got my life turned around, and was fine, but somehow, some reason, I crashed again and am back to thinking of suicide. I am thinking it might be biological or something because theres nothing I can think of that could have caused it. I should be still happy. Someone suggested the sessional disorder to me (SAD) and I looked that up and clinical depression, and bipolar disorder, and parts of them, especially the longterm depression i can definately relate to. So I guess what I am wondering is, if I think there is something physically wrong with me, what do I do? Do i simply walk in to a hospital and say " I want to kill myself? why". I don't think i do, because being suicidal is litterally illegal in some states, and that will just wind me up in jail and ruin my life. So what do I do to seek help without being called crazy and winding up in a mental hospital or jail? Sorry my post is really lengthy and disorganized, I am tired and have a headache and am tired of feeling depressed. Any and all advice is appriciated though, ty.
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    There's a light bulb you can get that mimics sunlight:

    might be an idea to get one of these and see if you feel any better.

    There's a homeopathic treatment for depression 'St John's Wort' that you should be able to pick up in most health food stores. Might be worth you giving both of these a try.:smile:
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    SAD maybe a candidate for feeling down, especially now as it (Seasonal affective disorder) is also called winter depression, and it is a mood disorder.

    If you have experienced normal mental health most of the year, but depressive symptoms in the winter or summer - that would point towards SAD. Having said that, SAD may only be one of many possible causes of feeling depressed of suicidal. It may well have a physical cause (unlikely but possible).

    What is the right way forward? I contacted my GP and was referred to a mental health clinic. I went through a long-term one-to-one counselling programme (cognitive behaviour) and than on a group-therapy programme. It helped.

    Where I'm now, is a different story, but at that time I was grateful and it helped. I'd advice of firstly, finding out what option you have and than go for one. If it does not have any positive impact and you feel like turning still in circles, consider moving on.

    Mental health-care is like everything else - you find the good, the bad, and the ugly. So, find out and than just start because one thing is for sure - depression is simply not going away by itself...

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    I have insurance thru the state, but even w/o it I wouldn't have spent anywhere near a $1000 thus far. Check your county services, they may have free or sliding-scale fees for counseling services.

    The medications I'm on now would cost about $100 per month.
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    Go see a naturopath if you can afford it...There is something wrong with you but it is not some phantom neurotransmitter is probably a combo of candida/parasites/metals, food allergies and intolernce.....vitamin and mineral deficancy...Honestly...I was sick for a long time, and it is all clearing up thanks to clensing of candida/parasites, and taking a good multi....If I were you, before I tried any drugs, I would try some natural things.....try this...start with a good multi vitamn that has digestive enzymes, get some probiotics, liver support(milk thistle), fibre..cut out dairy , gluten and sugar, filter your water, try to eat healthy, that for a month and then add in a parasite and candida cleanse..You can get your health back...Research these things and try them..I hope you do..God Bless you...
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    I have nothing agains omeopathy but it has its limit. Before sending someone towards one or the other, I prefer to inquire to the knowledgable in the specific sphere what the problem is, than from there decide having the answers answered and clear what my options are not going blindly trying freely this that those and whatever just waisting time and money. Seek professional evaluation, meaning a psichiatrist, not a family doctor, get tested for biological imbalanced (whichi means physical proof) then ask as many questions as you can come up with or have in mind. Then......... start looking for treatment. All this psi and testing will cost you a hundred or some dollar .... but you will know what you have and know how to fix it. Dont go just blindly about anything as you will empty your wallet and waste time and suffer longer which is not what you want and me neither.

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    There are ways to get medication for cheap or for free- there is a program that I forget the name of now but I will try to find it for you in a second

    The one place you don't want to cut costs is on a good psychiatrist. I paid $140 for an hour-long diagnostic session with a psychiatrist who I found through extensive research, talking to therapists and talking to him on the phone first. An accurate diagnosis is PRICELESS. You want somebody to listen to you, not to read off a checklist. They have to know your entire psychological history, not just what you're facing right now, in order to truly understand your recurrent symptoms and the persistence/severity/chronology. You don't have to tell them that you can't afford to see them again, lie if you have to, just get your foot in the door and find somebody to listen for as long as it takes to get the entire story out. They have to put your complaints in context or they will inaccurately diagnose you

    also, keep in mind that you should be thrilled if the diagnosis is something minor, don't present symptoms according to what you think you have, but what really bothers you and what you've genuinely continued to struggle with.

    therapy and meds are nice, and meds are important, but useless if you don't have the right diagnosis, and a very specific diagnosis. (disthymia, diurnal depression, SAD, major depression, cycling depression, all of these can require different treatments).
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    That's an info page on Washington state financial assistance for mental health

    on second thought, i take some of that back. don't attend one session with a psychiatrist and trust his diagnosis but never return. find a psychiatrist through the county or whatnot and get his diagnosis, then pay out of pocket to confirm that diagnosis through a private, skilled and well-reputed psychiatrist. you do need to monitor the effectiveness of your medication by seeing a psychiatrist every few months.
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