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    I have been talking to someone in the US recently who I believe to be suffering from severe depression and have strongly advised them to seek medical help from a doctor. It has come up a number of times in conversations with different people where I feel I can only give very basic advice on this because I'm not aware of how the financial side of things work over there. And even if the person is willing to do so in principle, they do not feel like they can afford it from a monetary standpoint.

    Can anyone link me to some good sites/reading material so I can help people in the US a bit more usefully? Particularly with regard to any kind of support organisations in this matter?
  2. dazzle11215

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    they may be eligible for medicaid

    also they can call 211 for info on local agencies that have sliding scale services, like the united way and others. 211 is a phone service linking to local social service agencies. it's a clearinghouse, you just say what you are looking for, like free health care, or low cost or free counselling and they look in the database and match you with local agencies.
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    wow, cool post!

    never heard of 211 before
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