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So this past weekend my mom tells me her aunt was schizophrenic... and I was thinking in the back of my head, it skips a generation.. oh shit.. :sad:

I googled and based on the 'general' website, most of that listed there is the list of growing problems i've had in the past 5 years.... The question is.... how do i get diagnosed? if i do have it, is there a cure or something to make the effects of schizo minimal. and if i don't have it, i'll be happy about that.


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You must not have navigated that site much, as it explains how a diagnosis is made, along with schizophrenia's incurability and treatment.


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You are best to speak to a professional and not be diagnosed on the web...also remember, we can have 'symptoms' without a disorder and that many things that seem troublesome are things we all go of luck...J


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Schizophrenia is a serious disorder and i would think people would notice if you were displaying symptoms. Mostly delusions but not always. No family chance 1%, aunt means 3% so not a huge worry i would think.

If you continue to worry i suggest you go to your doctor and have a chat.


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My dad was schizoprenic, so was his mum, his brother and now my cousin seems to be displaying symptoms, i understand your concern but at the same time your evironment plays a huge role too. I for one never use marijuana becuase i know know that i have a genetic predisposition. I think Decode is right, if you were displaying symptoms people would notice. Try and stay healthy, eat well, avoid drugs and too much alcahol and get pleanty of sleep.

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my mom is schizophrenic paranoid...she hears voices, sees hallucinations, and has alot of delusions with her past, sometimes she thinks she comes from the future, she has a superior IQ, she thinks she can read people's mind...that she has supernatural powers, every thought or imaginative thought becomes reality for her...there is no line between reality and imagination, she can't see the difference...

she is treated with meds, and she can be well for years before she just crashes and ends up in hospital...

to get diagnosed, you need to see your family doctor and explain your concerns, he/she should refer you to a psychiatrist who will test you and see if you are in fact schizophrenic or something else...then comes the meds...

one problem with the meds, people who are sick and then get better, tend to think they can dismiss the meds since now they are better, and that's a sure way to end up in hospital...because its the meds making you better...


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I have schizoaffective disorder. I was diagnosed back in 2007.

Like others have said, go to your doc, who will refer you to a pdoc to verify.

I hope you find out that it's rare enough that you really have nothing to worry about.
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