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  1. namehere

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    Ok, I know this is a question I probably don't need to ask because there's a whole forum dedicated to the topic, but I need to hear the answers directed at me I suppose...So what I wanted to know was; To those of you who have lost a family member to suicide, how did your life change after it happened, and what do you feel about it now if its been 1 or more years since the death.
    I know there's a lot of guilt anger, and depression involved, but what I'm asking for is specifics, the kind of things that are hard to share, for example - "I felt a burden lifted from me..." "I started going to church..." "my life didn't change at all, just miss her".... those sorts of things.
    Please feel free to post anonymously if it's to hard to say. And please be completely honest. I just need to know. Thanks.
  2. lost_child

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    My uncle killed himself when I was nan and grandad were not the same after, my grandad died about a year after he took the overdose.. my mum blamed herself for not seeing the signs and helping him..and the 3 children he left behind.. one is in a mental hospital, one went of the rails and got heavy into drugs, has an eating disorder and he's only son is very angry at the whole the family and he's dad. I guess when it happened, I didn't understand its only since I got older and have the same feelings he did, that I know the pain and suffering he is was in, that lead to him taken an overdose and killing himself.

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    I have a fair feeling my grandfather on my father's side killed himself. My father hasn't told anyone about it apart from me when I was about 6. He died when my father was young, from what my mother said...he hasn't told her about his family either. I don't know much about my father's side of the family as I think he feels a lot of shame, resentment, sadness, and conflicting feelings about where he comes from and just wants to get away and "better himself" to the point where he's hurting and walking all over other people and being an abusive person. My mother did say that he said there was mental illness on his side of the family. So that's probably why my parents are very silent with me being ill (it's like I don't exist) as it reminds them of their own parents (my mother's mother was fully drugged up and in and out mental institutions for the later part of her life before she had a stroke) and the 7 children were just pretty much left to grow up on themselves with a very distant father and were shunned by their community for having a family member with a diagnosed mental illness.
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