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    I'm 22 years old and I'm leaning towards avoiding romantic relationships and staying a virgin for life. The reason being is because I have a small penis (3 1/2 inches erect). I've heard people staying virgins for other reasons like, asexual, or religious and while I'm religious myself, my religion doesn't really promote celibacy but encourages marriage. However even though I'd probably look weird or an oddity. I hate to get with a girl I love only to have her disappointed, or cheat on me (and I know that sex is only one part of a relationship, but everybody tells me it's very important). So even though I have the desire for sex/love -- I think it would be best to just repress it, and I would like to get your guy's opinion on this.

    Ps. I've mentioned my physical insecurities before on this board so if you guys are sick of me just let me know, I don't want to be a bother.
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    hey, i know you said you're looking for the guys' opinions here but, i'd just like to point out that 'good sex' isn't all about the size of the penis. I mean look at for example lesbian couples, or the fact that you can do all sorts of things that feel good without having actual intercourse. Though of course i get why this is important to you, and i'm sure there are people who wud be bothered by this. Though i wud say not to supress feelings like this, because they're only going to build up (or get completely killed in time and you'll become a freak like me lol). Finding a person who actually loves you and doesn't want just the sex seems like a good plan to me. Hope this helped some.
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    Hiyas, never thought I'd be posting this but I feel I should considering your question.. also sorry I'm not a guy but my boyfriend has a small penis too. The size of your penis does not equal what kind of relationship you may or may not have. I am not put off by my boyfriend having a small penis-we do not even have sex if I'm brutally honest, (he has PTSD from severe sexual childhood abuse). I guess I just wanted to let you know, you can still have a loving relationship,even marriage regardless of penis size.

    Also~ you are most definitely not a bother. Feel free to post anytime about anything, anywhere on the forums :) Wish you all the best.
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    thank you! oh and by "guy's" I was just using that in a general term, didn't really mean guys as in men. Girls are more then welcome to reply.