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  1. John B

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    How does one form an emotional connection with someone when they can’t discuss their past, present or future? The situation in question is high risk becoming critical. Without some sort of emotional connection, things will end very badly with zero chance of recovery. There have never been any friends and family was an option loss decades ago; pets are also a lost option.

    I thought being on this site I might encounter someone experiencing a similar situation or anything where escaping to a peaceful location would be beneficial for both parties. Your average everyday individual doesn’t want to be brought down by someone in an unfortunate situation. How can years of unwarranted isolation be resolved with more isolation? I felt out-of-place being involved with people dealing with other severe issues because, at the time, I still had a chance to get out and clear. .

    Words are meaningless for this situation, if my brain doesn’t register the presents of another person and an emotional connection doesn’t exist on some level, the metaphorical door that has been open for so many years will be closed and sealed. For me, the clock has always been ticking and time is running out.
  2. WildCherry

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    One thing you might find on this site are people who are willing to listen, who can help you to feel less isolated. For many, that's hard to find in their personal lives; but here, it's a bit different. People have more of an idea of what you might be going through and are more willing to lend a supportive ear.
  3. Acy

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    Hi, John B.

    SF is a really spot to come to get some support and to make some online friends. It has certainly made life less lonely for me.

    In face-to-face social situations, emotional connections usually don't take place immediately for me. I tend to observe and listen a lot to make sure that the people I choose to talk to are "safe". I try interest groups so I can see the same people a few times and listen to them, see how they are. And eventually I join in. Not a lot at first. But I talk more as time goes on.

    If the past, present, and future are hard for you to talk about, you could start with very neutral topics - the weather, something interesting in the news, something that interests the other person - something that doesn't get you emotionally charged. Neutral convos can help us develop trust for the other person so that we might decide eventually to talk more about our present circumstances and even what the future might hold. And maybe even our past if we feel comfortable enough. In time, sharing those things might be less scary because we "know" the other person(s) more.

    Thinking of you and very glad you are speaking up here!
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