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Alright guys, Im new here, And not really wanting to talk about this shit too much (sorry, not really one who expresses my fellings well) , but I have to ask someone that knows what the hell depression is about...How do you explain it to a close friend so that he doesnt think your full of shit?
I guess Im just venting here, since I feel I have to bottle this crap up inside in my every day "Life" (if you call it that).

I've been dealing with depression for a few years now...but the last 8-10 months have been absolute shit! I always though about it, but Ive had a feeling lately like Im running out of Options, and im starting to scare myself, sometimes I think I'll make it though, but sometimes I; honest to god, want nothing more than to choke on a 9mm.....It just seems like everything in my "Life" just falls apart, NOTHING ever seems to work out, relationships, Jobs, Money, And all the time feeling alone...Im just getting tired of this damn circus...somethings gotta give.

So, I figured, since my friends (Hehh...."Friends"..who constantly bail on me) are always asking why im depressed, maybe I should speak up....well, Ive tried to tell my (who was my Best friend) how I felt, and All I get is that "Your fine, you dont wanna kill yourself" bullsh*t and "Whatever man, get over it"

I just dont know what to do anymore...The ones I thought had my back, are always the first to bail on me....

Im tired of it all


We will listen to what you have to say Dirt.Your friends are having a tough time imagining what your going through i think so unless they have gone through/or no someone who has gone through it,it will be hard to explain what it is really like.
Now this is just my opinion and usually it doesnt mean much but i find that with guys(not all just certain) they have this machismo image to uphold and it seems your friend might be one of them. I think he's the type that woudl never admit his feelings to a soul because he's got to be a MAN which is crap in my opinion b/c i think every person should be able to voice how they feel without being judged or being shut down. With that said if you ever need to talk I'm here or on msn, aim, and once in awhile yahoo. Take care and be safe.

P.S. b/c i didnt feel like editting what i wrote..tell your friend after you punch him that you aren't feeling okay, that you arent okay and if he doesn't listen than contact me I'll come castrate the ass. :)


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well, ive gotta confess there, I never was exactly the touchy feely type. Im not one who expresses my emotions well, but im to the point where Ive lost any pride I once had, and frankly, dont really give a shit what people say about me anymore.....Its funny, you think you have friends, then when the shit hits the fan and your going through depression, they dont want anything to do with it, and you left with nothing..........
nothing to live for.


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Wow. I can honestly say I know EXACTLY how you feel.
Once had a whole bunch of friends turn on me. They took it a little further though. They thought it would be fun to make up rumors about me, etc etc.
Too much about me.

Anyway, try telling your friends again. If they laugh at you, tell them exactly what you told us. It may start to make sense to them. Then again...it might not.

I wish I could be of more help.
If you EVER want to talk, feel free to drop me a PM, or AIM me at Mischievious3812.

-big hug-

Feel better, OK?


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Well depression is many things. Most generally known as a feeling of constant sadness to most. I am not going to say that you are not depressed because if you say you are you are.

Personally these people do not sound like people you can talk too. If this guy was your best friend he would have asked why you feel depressed and accepted it and tried to help.

We are here to help too ok so do not lose heart. Depression is a difficult thing to express. It is like describing the color red to a blind person. I hope this helps a little.
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