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what is the most accurate form of suicide that you are most likely to not live? I was going to start a car in the garage but looked up on google that that isn't < mod edit: Hazel > today to kill me.
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Just_Me, this is a pro-life forum, no one will here will give you methods to commit suicide, nor do we allow members to post them, please see the Rules & Guidelines.
We are here to offer you help and support, maybe you would like to post again and tell us why you are feeling such despair, please allow us the chance to help you through these feelings of despair.

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Why don't you tell us what is going on to get you to the point you are considering suicide. Sometimes talking about it can ease the pain just enough to stop the urge until another solution can be found. We are here to offer you support, not give out any methods. Stay safe. :hug:
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