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I hear and read the message "Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem" I was wondering if this is assuming all problems are temporary. Do people really believe that? Are all problems temporary because life is temporary?
i think what it means is that most problems have some sort of solution. "this too shall pass" and that even if the problem seems "un-fixable" there are other ways to cope. but suicide. well thats when its over for good. you cant do anything to reverse that. i read about this one guy who jumped off the golden gate bridge and survived (only about 26 have survived) and he said when he jumped the only thing that went through his mind was "i can fix everything in my life somehow, except for this"
so i dont know. alot of the survivors have similar stories. and i wouldnt want to end my life thinking "oh no i made the wrong choice, and im stuck"... thats the only thing that keeps me going. that and the uncertainty factor.
"Most" problems? Thats exactly what I thought.
Yes, most of the time people can atleast get minorly better, atleast enough to be able to hang on... in a great deal of cases when people work there mental recovery right they get a great deal better. But sometimes it takes months to find the right therapy and etc sometimes years, it depends, but it has to be worth it, duely noting I have been in therapy for about 4 years now, at first it didn't help but I had to find what was right for 'myself' everyones different.



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"Life is in a temporary state of flux" (Buddha 500BC)
In which case, all problems are temporal in nature. All the best.
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