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Hey. This is probably going to make me sound like a total idiot but is there anyways of knowing for sure whether you actually have depression or not without going to the doctors?

I really want to know in a way, coz then I can... kinda start to... I don't know... accept (?) the continual mood changes from overly happy to... like... suicidal and days of... wanting to just lay in bed and sleep, forever and... not being able tof ace going out and seeing people... and... yeh... but the problem is I don't want to go to the doctors and... make a huge fuss and stuff. I don't want to let my parents down and... yeh...

If any of that makes sense I would really appreciate the help.




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There is a test on here somewhere (sorry I'm not good with links), the Burns Depression checklist which will give you an idea. Similarly there are plenty on the internet if you look under depression. But these are useless on their own and ultimately you will have to see your doc to be diagnosed. You won't be letting anyone down or making a fuss. It's better that you get help as soon as possible for potential remedies to work.

edit: actually the Burns Depression checklist is a sticky at the top of the depression forum.


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The best thing to do is actually to go to the docs. They can offer you a wide range of help and support, and can help you start to feel better.

Going to the doctor is not letting anyone down, you are doing something to try and help yourself feel better, so I don't see how anyone could view that as letting anyone down. If you do have depression, then it is an illness, and not something you have chosen to have. If you had diabetes it would not be letting anyone down, so why would having depression be any different? It would not be causing a fuss at the docs, they have LOADS of people come to them with depression related stuff.

I would also say that internet tests are highly inaccurate, even the Burns test (I told me I was depressed, but I actually have another diagnosis). The most reliable, and helpful way, to get a diagnosis is to do the thing that you are scared of, and trundle yourself to the docs.

Sorry that's not what you wanted to here. I hope you do go. Good luck if you do.

Take care
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