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  1. butterfly12274

    butterfly12274 Well-Known Member

    Can we ever recover or are we just a certain mutation, some defect specimen, that are destined to live forever under depression?

    People say that depression can be cured, I just don't see how. :(
  2. Bigman2232

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    I don't know if depression can actually be cured but I think the removal of some of the causes would help. Every person is different but most depression can be link to a loss, want or need. If someone is able to deal with the loss, or obtain the want or need, then I think they can lessen the depression. The problem is often it's not something simple that is causing the feelings, so it becomes very difficult which just adds to the feelings of hopelessness and sadness.
  3. butterfly12274

    butterfly12274 Well-Known Member

    That makes sense. But in my case there really is no apparant cause or want, just the illness.