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    I was striken with this kind of moment of clarity a few months ago, I saw everyone feeding around me, they were all feeding on eachother and on themselvs. It was like an all you can eat buffet, people were serving themself the same food, over and over again. Everyone was doing what they experinced the moast, everyone was doing exactly what they do, playing their roles so well, so predictable. Everyone was addicted they were starving. Starving for anger as they forged themselvs with it, they were starving for love as they walked down the streets holding hands. It rained on people during of thirst and they screamed out for the rain to stop. There were people preaching their philosophy everywhere advertising their hunger, and people served them, people walked to them and quenched their thirst. No mater their how they willed themselvs not to serve they went and they served them. No mater how they screamed not to be fed they opened their mouths and they ate. And their hunger was unending. It was never enough. Was anyone happy? Was anyone sad? Was anyone even in control? I saw so many paths laid out before me so many lives walking around me. And I was sad, it was a strang sadness from deep within me. I watched people live and die. I watched as they suffered and I suffered with them. I suffered with them I suffered through it all, life and death. Over and over. We were all stuck by walls we created we were constantly starving. We were all stuck. Then out of no where I felt so alone. I felt so far away. I saw how small I was in time. I saw myself forgoten I saw the earth die, I saw the sun burn out, I watched it all wind down and I wanted to remember, remember forever everyone and everything, I wanted to never forget it, I wanted to never be forgoten. Slowly it all faded. Now here I am, feeling like I am...
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    Wow, man, that sounds pretty intense! :sad:
    Just wanted you to know that I've read your post and it send me shivers down my spine :unsure:
    Hopefully you'll feel better soon :hug:

    I sometimes start thinking about humanity and how we destroy nature and ourselves and all that. It's not nearly as intense as what you describe in your post, but those thoughts also always end up making me feel alone (and angry).
    So I guess it's best to try and block those thoughts out :unsure: