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If you did not want to do that position and said no to it(or otherwise tried to stop him), then it was not consentual if he went along with it anyway. I'd say that it is very likely that it was rape. Who the person is does not matter if you were forced. Good luck. Feel free to talk more if it will help.


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Thanks for answering, i have asked other ppl the same question and they say the same thing. I think I just needed to reassure myself that yeah it was rape and now i know what path i am going to have to take. Again thanks for answering


i agree with what LtRoarke said. even if it started off as consentual sex, if something changes and he forces himself upon you, and makes you do something you didnt want to do, it would in my opinion turn into rape. as long as you clearly refused then you are not at fault at all.
I agree as well. It is your body and you have the right to say no at any time. Even if it is to change your mind, and that icludes any position you do not feel comfortable with.
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