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If I have a mental illness and it doesn't get treatment, will it be worse?
I can't go to a specialist.


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It probably depends on the type of mental illness. I'm no expert but I would guess that in most cases, without treatment it will only get worse. At the very least it will stay the same, as to say not necessarily get worse, but won't get any better either. Also, depending on the mental illness you may not need to see a specialist, just a therapist or counselor. Depending on your circumstances you can probably see a therapist or counselor for no or little cost. I am a college student and can go to free therapy sessions with an MSW, and I am about to go see a psychiatrist for free as well. There is a clinic in my area that sees patients for mental disorders on a sliding scale fee (the fee depends on your income) since I have such a low income the fee is completely waved. So it may be possible to see a specialist at no or little cost. Look around in your area for a similar clinic or contact your health department for more information. Also in my opinion just talking about some things on an internet forum such as this may help relieve some of the symptoms of certain mental illnesses. Out of curiosity, what type of metal illness are you talking about if you don't mind me asking?


I am a college student too, but I am quite sure I can't get help at little cost in this crappy country that I live in.
I don't know what kindof mental illness I have, I've never been diagnosed. Maybe I don't have a mental illnes, although I doubt that. Something MUST be wrong.
I am at this forum for quite some time now, I am not so sure it helped.
I really don't know what to do about it. :sad:


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What country are you from? I'm from the US. My college also offers free therapy to students, so maybe your college does as well. What makes you think you have a mental illness? Is it just because you have thoughts of suicide, if so then it is probably depression which is very treatable with therapy and/or medication. You should look into getting therapy and see what your country offers as free mental health care. Maybe if you tell more about your problems and why you feel that you have a mental illness, it would help you to let it out.


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I visit a psychologist who charges $32 for each visit. I think I heard my university provides therapy as well and that the first 10 visits are free. I dunno if I should check them out. My depression is really bad and so are the circumstances I'm in to cause it, I dunno if they'd understand.


Yeah well my college doesn't offer that.
I tend to think I do have a mental illness, it's not just being suicidal. There are periods when I can't go out of the house because I think I am so ugly. Once I didn't leave the house for more then a month. Not even to the corner. Then there are other times when I think I am pretty, and I go out a lot. There are times when I don't eat for days and there are times when I eat a lot. There are times when I am so numb that I sleep all day, and that can last for weeks.There are times when I am so sad that I am hurting myself and all kindof creepy stuff, that seem very strange after. There are other things as well.
the future seems so dark.


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I beg to differ: you are NOT shit and you are NOT boring, you're just like so many of us here - lonely, in pain and misery, and uncertain of everything. I encourage you to keep coming back here to vent your bad feelings so they don't build up to a dangerous level inside you. I would also ask; have you looked for community mental health services in your area? Many places offer counseling services based on income so more people can be treated. Please look in your area for such services. It's worth a try.:smile:

sending hugs and hope to you,



I'm sorry that you think I am not shit, I feel even worse about being such a crap when somebody says I am not because I feel like I am letting people down, but I am, you don't know ok? I am, and no I am not like everyone here, I am a shit that shouldn't walk the earth, and yet I am not willing to fix that. I'm sorry, I know I should be thankful that you said I am not shit and boring but I am and I feel even worse when someone says I am not, because I know how not true that is.
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