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I have been having a series of problems lately:

I did used to self-injure in high school and did get out of that (without any treatment) but lately I've been biting on my fingers so I can cause mild self injury without anyone finding out

I am a total dependent personality and cannot do anything on my own. I also desperately seek approval, totally fear rejection, and have an almost unhealthy attachment to my best friend.

Anxiety (both social and in general) is also a huge issue for me. I hate going anywhere that involves me bring with more than one person and if I ever do I seek out one person and just stick with them. I also am terrified of driving so I've never even gotten my license.

I have a very, very, poor self-image and most of the time do suffer from signs of major depression and black and white thinking. In addition, I know my Aunt is on depression medication.

I am 23 (24 in a week) years of age and have never seeked out help before but I don't think I can handle it anymore. The stresses of student teaching have brought all this back out in me when I thought I was doing better. Just this past Friday (and all week) I've been suicidal and suffering from panic attacks.

Should I seek treatment? Will they even want to help or even possibly diagnose someone as old as I am with no history of treatment?

I am also so fearful of the judgments I'll receive from those around me, thinking that I'm just taking the easy way out or just needs to grow or toughen up. But like I said, I can't take this anymore and just want to feel better about myself.

Thank you for your help, this is truly a wonderful community.


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First, happy birthday next week...Second, yes, seek help...with all the new things happening for you, I am sure there is a lot of stress...but there will be stress no matter what you do so this is a good time to learn adaptive strategies to deal with this and to care about your self more...all the best, J
Well this is just great

I'm sitting here shaking and crying because I just told my father all these feeling and how I should be able to handle stress but I just can't. All he does is ask if I want to see someone and I say yes. After that he just walk away and leaves me here crying and shaking
PArents usually dont knwo how to deal with their children when they cant cope.
Doesnt excuse it, but its probably a shock for him too.
Main thing is, hes going to bring you to get help, he ackowledged that you can get help.
At least he didnt shun you hun :hug:
We're here too. and theres nothing wrong with getting help :hug:
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