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question :)

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Im wondering just how bad a bmi of 14 can be .
I asked it in chat and they were really worried.
im 1.88 m and 50 kg but if feel ok.
I just wanna know if its really bad if i wait till im at a bmi of 13 before seeking help.

I think it's not great to have a BMI of 14, I definetly think you should go and get support now, before it does become to late, so better now than later, don't you think?



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yeah i know its not good but im terrified what if they gonna admit me or something :S
For some reason my mind keeps saying its fine and just wait till im at 13...


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but what does it mean if im at 14 now ? i tried searching alot of stuff on forums and stuff but i know im not anrexic i mean i dont find myself fat and im a guy aswel! ...
It means you are very ill, medically you are considered emaciated if your BMI is below 15. The lower your weight gets, the more medically compromised you are. It will only get worse and worse the lower your weight gets.

Just out of curiosity, why do you want to reach a certain weight before seeking help? If you want help, I promise you that you will be taken seriously at your current weight.


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wel im at 13 now :(
And now my mind says too wait for 12 :(
I know its not good ive always been underweight but i do notice its gotten worse alot worse :(
I did do a bloodtest today becouse my dad and sis were so pushing me :(
Now i gotta go too the doc friday :(
Im scarred and worried ill run away from the doc :(


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a bmi of 16.5 to 18.5 is considered underweight. now, anything lower 16.5 is considered SEVERELY UNDERWEIGHT. just being underweight is already very unhealthy and can lead to several diseases. what more if ur more than underweight. it'll heighten the possibility of u getting those diseases or even hasten the rate. i know it's hard but u rly need to gain more weight. eat more and go to the doctor for him/her to guide u and prevent those misfortunes
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