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    so i went to a site to meet new people. i started talking with a guy there... we were pming all the time till 2 days ago he stopped replying but i know he saw the pm. i waited till yest (1 day after) he say something but nothin. yest night i was pissed/hurt bc of fam crap so i sent him a pm: "ur special at being rude. good for u!" today he replied saying he was sorry and that were busy days blablabla but fuck he saw my msg y didnt he reply saying he was busy???? i HATE when people leave me talking by myself... i think is just rude!!! i dont even know what to reply now! :unsure:
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    hey... i dont know wot to make of it... if u have been talking for ages and he did reply saying sorry when u said it was rude, maybe he was just busy... but maybe u r right, and he was just ignoring... either way when ver u want anyone to talk to, drop by or go to the chat room, there are always people about who r willing to listen
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    You do have a legitimate gripe (or as we say in australia, 'goolie') in that it would have only taken no more than 30 seconds to explain he was busy and get back to you later, so don't let him make you feel guilty for you sending him a message like you did. Send him another, saying that no matter how busy he got, it only takes a few seconds to let people know they are busy and cannot reply right away.
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    thanks :hug:
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    exactly :D thanks ;P
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    dude said yeah i literally had no time to reply! quite pretentious of me thinking i could be interesting to fucking some cute guy! kill me fucking already!!!!
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    I've had this problem too at times.. where I would have people I talk to all the time just start ignoring my messages when I try to call them or talk to them over the internet.. It is frustrating for you, and I can relate :hug:

    A simple "I'm feeling sick and don't want to talk" or "I'm sorry, I'm busy" would have been enough for me to say "Hey, maybe it's good if I take a break after wishing her/him well in recovery or in her/his endeavors and leave him/her alone until he/she is ready to talk to me again."

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    thanks :hug:

    but is all my fault... a guy gives me the minimum of attention and i get all YAY.. im fucking ridiculous :(
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    and he did it again :cry:
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    awe i'm sorry, i know the feeling all too well.
    that's his loss if he doesn't wanna chat with you! don't let him make you feel bad
    he's being a :rooster:
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    is hard not to :( thanks it made me laugh :hug:
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    i hate him. i hate him. i hate him. :blub:
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    boys suck. we deserve to be worshipped.

    stay strong.
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    thanks. worshiped? never happened and never will.. :(
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    To be honest, I often go a day or two without replying to PMs or emails, I don't tend to think much of it unless it's urgent. To me, that's the whole point of PMing or even texting - I don't have to reply straight away, like I would when I was on the phone. I don't think it's unusual for it to take over a day for someone to reply.

    Do you have a thing for him, is that why you're upset? Be careful not to get too annoyed or he might stop replying completely. Best to take time out and do other things to distract yourself. If you're not worth his time, he's not worth yours. I honestly don't think he means it in a nasty way though.
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    i talk to him online only... and he used to reply right away.. i thought he was enjoying the convo but now he replies like 2 msgs and READ the last one and doesnt answer till next day.. :(
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    he only reply today at 6:30 pm :( i wanted to reply right away obviously but right now i feel like i need to let him wait (hes not even waiting who am i kidding) for him to stop with this crap. but i know is gona be hard for me to answer only tomo.. i hate myself! i wish i was like everyone else :blub:
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    Sometimes I will read a private message and not reply immediately if I need to think up a good reply or am doing something else.

    I've never thought much of it. :unsure:
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    like we were talking till 4 pm yest and he only replies today at 6.30 pm!!? and the other time was more than a day :(