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I have got to know a member on this site very well indeed.
They are very confused right now and want to be alone.
I am not sure its healthy for them but am repeatedly told that its for the best.
The member has been doing quite well but kinda had a setback.
The member says that they have forgiven themselves and others but is still angry at times and scared of the past.
The member keeps on crying and trying to get to grips with things, saying that by isolating and keeping it in, the only voice they hear is their own, so its the voice they should listen to first.
What should i tell them?


i think that the member needs to know that there are people there who care when they need someone in their own time and space. the member needs to know that there is nothing wrong with crying, and that there are some people about who aren't going to hurt them and will be there as a shoulder, as an ear and as a non judgemental friend. this member is loved and cared for here
I completely agree with Sparkle. Also, as a close friend make sure that they know YOU don't think it is healthy for them to be alone right now, but ultimately it's his/her decision when they want to talk to someone, so i think you should be careful not to push to much. :hug:
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