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I have 2 questions for those with ED or recovered ED.

So I was looking at the daily diet thread and noticed people who ate very very little usually wound up eating something sugary like chocolate. I was wondering why you wouldn't chose something healthier like veggies.

Also, I know someone who used to be anorexia and still has serious weight/body issues. He's gained some weight to the point of being almost overweight. How do I get him to just eat healthier and exercise more without causing a relapse. Thanks.


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It's got to be a self hatred kind of thing. I will eat apples and crackers because I don't care about noursishment, the self-abuse carries over to the things I use to continue my sad existence. Apples and crackers aren't that bad but when you eat nothing else it makes you weak and disoriented.

HAve him start excercising and the rest will follow, at least t did for me, for awhile. Taking positive healthy steps can lead to taking other ones. Then he might be comfortable with the middle ground between anorexia and obesity. At least for a while.
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