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  1. trinket

    trinket New Member

    I have no Idea where to put this >.> so I put it here. mods please move to the right topic forum if this is not it.

    So I have a question, what happens when someone goes into the hospital as "risk to self"?
    like what is the whole process starting from the moment you decide(or are made to) go in?

    I'd like to know specifics(I have aspergers and I like to know details before I go somewhere)

    My PsyD mentioned me going into the hospital, a thought which quite terrifies me. I want to know what might happen if I do end up being put in the hospital.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    You will be admitted to the floor sometimes to a smaller floor first where they can watch you for a while then to a larger floor where the nurses and doctors will help you with therapy and with changing your meds up some I think some find it peaceful and safe there it depends on each person You will be asked to put on a gown at first the later on once they know you are stable you can wear your clothes again I hope you talk to your doctor more too hun see what plans the doctor has to help you while you are there. Group therapy as well to go to
  3. trinket

    trinket New Member

    do you have more details about this?
  4. pickwithaustin

    pickwithaustin Staff Alumni

    Every country and every hospital and system is different to some degree and so it's difficult to give details, but Total Eclipse pretty much summed it up for the most part. Rest assured that a hospital stay such as this, these days, is nothing like depicted in most movies. I visit a respite center frequently (not as a client or "patient") and observe a very peaceful place. There are generally activities and activity rooms, lounging areas, various group therapy type sessions, individual therapy (even via video teleconference), meal times, and usually a regular scheduled routine. It's nothing to fear - what I've observed regularly is a pretty laid back atmosphere.
  5. Ash71

    Ash71 Well-Known Member

    i was in county respite care for a couple of days just over a month ago, it wasnt bad at all. much better than the hospital thats for sure. though that said the hospital wasnt that bad, not really, i can tell you more about what it was like if you would like to know trinket, been in hospital a couple of times for attempts, so if i can help in any way feel free to pm and i will help as much as i can. hope it all works out for you. and sometimes the hospital is best, if thats what it takes to keep you safe.
  6. trinket

    trinket New Member

    I would like as much information as possible, so that I'm well prepared(Aspergers- I like to be prepared so I'm not taken by surprise)

    I want to know precisely what to expect if I do get put in the hospital(psych ward?)
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