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  1. DreamReaver

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    1. Is it worth continuing when you know nothing will ever change?
    2. Nothing has changed for the last 16+ years, why would it change in the future?
    3. Why continue on with life in depression?
    4. Why continue, just so others won't be sad because you are not dead?
    5. How long can you continue before it is not worth the depression you suffer for the happiness you desire, that you know will never come to you?
    6. When the only thing that always gave you hope, a reason to continue and then it suddenly doesn't, what do you do next, what can you do next?
    7. When you tried everything that you are capable of to find the happiness you want and nothing works, what else can you do?
    8. What is your limit, before you say, no more of this, it is not worth it?
    9. Is the happiness you seek worth the depression you have?
    10. Why do you want this happiness, when you know it is not achievable?

    Questions I ask myself all the time.
  2. Forgotten_Man

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    1. For the optimistic they believe that something might change some day.
    2. Nope. People will blame the lack of change on you, however, really they are the ones to blame.
    3. The only reason I continue on is so I can give people insight into reality.
    4. That is a very good question.
    5. Hmmm probably no more than 5 years.
    6. Well you can try to find a new source of hope.
    7. I guess you can try something that you feel neutral about... maybe you will find happiness somewhere else... probably not though.. depends on how optimistic you are.
    8. I think I am at my limit. I just need a strong force to break it.
    9. Depends on how long it takes to find the happiness. After all happiness moves much quicker.
    10. That is just what other people expect you to do. Probably a unconcious action we take. That way we can feel we fit into the world.

    I sure hope the questions were not rhetorical.
  3. molotov

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    try these instead

    1. How do I want things to change and what can I do to start making that happen?
    2. If I don't kill myself, how many more years of life will I probably have that I can use to change things?
    3. Are there problems that I have been avoiding or ignoring that are making me unhappy, and why am I avoiding or ignoring them?
    4. Who can I talk to that can help me solve these problems, or support me in getting through this? Alternatively, whose desires or opinions am I putting ahead of my own, and what can I do about that?
    5. What is the easiest change I can make in my life right now that will make it a little bit easier to go on living?
    6. What things in my life are going okay, and how can I make those a bigger part of my life?
    7. If someone I cared about told me they were in this situation, and I wanted to help them through it, what would I say or do?
    8. Am I getting the right kind of psychiatric or psychological help for my depression, and if not, where can I go to get it?
    9. Can I direct the energy I am putting into planning my death into making some other dramatic, but helpful, change?
    10. When I look back on all of this and laugh in ten years, what do I want my life to be like then?

    Sorry if this is a smarmy answer, it wasn't meant to be.. I just thought your questions seemed rhetorical.. asking those you are never going to get an answer you like. I think I am going to try and be less of a hypocrite and ask myself these questions too, I have been spending too much time with the same thoughts that you have and it ain't workin..

    I dunno, take it easy, keep posting, I don't know anything about your situation but I would like to.
  4. DreamReaver

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    To ForgottenMan

    1. To be optimistic, you need hope, well for me I do.
    2. Agree, people don't like being depressed and they would change that if they could.
    3. I think everybodies reality is different, what we see, could be different to what others see.
    4. Yes and if they where in the same situation would they think that too.
    5. Hope is the only thing that kept me going for so long, but I have no hope anymore.
    6. New source of hope, always been looking, yet to find it, but you never know, but time is running out.
    7. What I want is embedded in me, it is part of me and nothing will change that. But it would be nice if it could change.
    8. I have broken my limit many times, snapped and acted upon it, still here though :(
    9. Agree and happiness can dissappear quicker than anything.
    10. As said before it is me, part of me, not much I can do about it.

    To molotov,

    1. See #7 of my questions.
    2. See #2 of my questions. (16+ years not meaning I am a teenager, but 16+ years of depression, almost 34 now)
    3. Loneliness, companionship how can it be avoided, how can it be ignored.
    4. Talking isn't going to solve the problem, support is going to change things.
    5. If it wasn't for the loneliness, I would be happy with life, I have nothing to complain about, but the loneliness and depression, the lack of companionship, be unwanted over shadows everything else.
    6. See above
    7. Been doing that for years, not the same situation of course as everyone is different but similar.
    8. Been there done that.
    9. Planning death is not needed as it is already been planned, just a few simple things to do, to complete it.
    10. Have always wanted the same thing and now going into the second decade of this and still nothing has changed.

    Are the questions rhetorical? They can be what ever you want them to be, answer them if you want, ask questions if you want, ignore or interpret them in anyway you want, just me letting it all out in question form. I already have the answers to my questions, they are always the same. So here i am just searching and seasrching for anything that can change my mind state to want to continue on longer even a little bit. We all have our own questions to answer one way or another. Answering other peoples questions or seeing the replies, you never know might trigger something in you that is for the good of yourself, well thats my hope for me.

    My situation. Simple really, been alone my entire life, no woman has ever given me a chance, never been on a date, kissed or anything like that, ever. And for some reason ever since I was roundabout 16 years old I have always wanted a family, have no idea why, just have. A simple dream that is common to most people.

    Just want to be wanted. Have tried everything. Dating sites, pubs, clubs, everything I can think of, etc and have never been wanted, hell, never even been liked.

    I am normal guy, no reason to be rejected every single time. Obviously it is me. Personality, unattractiveness, what else could it be. People, friends, family have asked me if I have kids, a family, or comment you would make a great father, great husband, etc. They just assume I have a family, have a girlfriend, wife, so I am “normal” to them, but in reality I am not. So why am i so unwanted????????????????
  5. Forgotten_Man

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    Yup that is generally my solution to life. Spend as much time away from it as I can.

    I love how people assume that you are a normal human. Ever... two or three months one of my co-workers asks me if I am dating. I think it is because they like to lie to themselves. To believe that they are more pure and innocent than the one who never dates.