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  1. Okay.

    I have a few questions...

    1. How many calories should you be intaking daily? (I'm fourteen)
    2. Is intaking less than 400/500 calories okay?
    3. Can you lose weight if you don't eat anything, but drink plenty?
    4. What exercises should you do to lose weight (fat)?

    I don't know where this goes.
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    Sarah, you dont need to be losing weight. Simple as such. You need to be eating decent meals, and eating them regularly too. I mean as in 3 a day regularly. less than 500 calories in a day is no where near enough. You need roughly triple that, or closer to quadruple. Also, if you are really that worried about weight, you have to remember muscle weighs more than fat. By doing exercises, you'll gain muscle, which will up your weight, but in a healthy way. You don't need to lose weight.

  3. well
    i did this last year
    and lost 45 pounds +
    didnt eat anything
    ran alot
    i didnt gain muscle
    i lost it actually.
    aswell as fat.
    im just curious.
    i dont want advice on that
    id just like answers...