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  1. Am I Going Crazy?
    Am I Going Mad?
    These Are Serous Questions
    That I Write Opon My Pad.
    Is Anybody Listening?
    Does Anybody Care?
    I'm Sure There Must Be Someone
    Who Can Hear Me Out There?
    Where Is My Life Going?
    What Am I To Do?
    What Would I Be Doing Now
    If I Had Not Met You?
    Who Has All The Answers?
    Are There Any To Be Had?
    Who Am I Really Asking?
    You, Me Or My Pad?
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  4. Surviving

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    I heard you very well...

    I hope you will post more.Full of emotion, easy to tell it came from the heart.
  5. tbh i wudnt say it come from the heart that just makes me sound emo id say it comes from a bag of weed an one depressed fuked up nyt
  6. Surviving

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    emo or not doesn't really matter to me...

    whatever the motivation it seemed genuine.

    It is what it is... :smile:
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