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  1. InsideEverything

    InsideEverything New Member

    Oh man, I would have never seen myself posting my problem on a forum. Alright well, I'll cut right to the chase and spare everyones sanity. I've been contemplating suicide since I was 16 years old. I've been through several rough spots in my life. I suffer from severe depression, and I have been since my freshman year in high school. Everyday, I wake up, I have this extremely bad feeling like I did something horrible the night before, therefore I become extremely depressed, and I stay in bed all day. Some days, I feel good enough to get out of bed, but when night comes, I turn into a suicidal teenager.

    Now, I have a question, answer them if you want.

    1.) I've been going through several methods of suicide. I've thought about overdosing or hanging myself since I don't have a gun. Anyway, anyone who knows by experience, what does it feel like when you overdose? What does it feel like when you hang yourself?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. claycad

    claycad Well-Known Member

    This is a more of a pro life forum so nobody is going to tell you how to kill yourself. I can tell you that both methods you talked about are pretty ineffective though. ODs seldom kill a person, but will give you plenty of kidney and liver damage. If you would die from an OD it would probably be because of liver failure which would be a long and excruciatingly painful death. Same with the other method. It will more than likely fail, and you will end up brain damaged if the oxygen supply is cut off too long. IMO neither method would be worth the risk to me, as they are too likely to fail and cause serious side affects when they did.

    I think most people on this forum have severe depression, so we all know what you are going through. Have you ever tried any type of medication for depression or therapy? Depression is very treatable with the right treatment.
  3. InsideEverything

    InsideEverything New Member

    Actually, I am taking medication, and for the most part it is working; however, I still have quite a few suicidal thoughts.
  4. claycad

    claycad Well-Known Member

    How long have you been on the meds? Sometimes it can take several weeks for the meds to work or you might be on too low of dose. Some meds don't work for all people. Maybe you need to try a different kind. Some meds might not work at all without some kind of cognitive therapy, so maybe you need to talk to a therapist while you’re on meds. Also if you hadn't told the doctor or psychiatrist that prescribed you the meds that you have suicidal thoughts, its important for you to tell them so that they can prescribe you the right kind of meds and dosage. If you tell the doc that your depressed but don't have suicidal thoughts then they probably won't give you the same treatment as if you told them about the suicidal thoughts. That has been my problem in the past with meds. I would go get meds for depression but never admit that I had suicidal thoughts (they always ask that question when you tell them you are depressed, or atleast they are supposed too) so they would treat me differently then if I would have told them I had suicidal thoughts.
  5. ~CazzaAngel~

    ~CazzaAngel~ Staff Alumni

    More of the time OD's leave people with MORE health problems, end up a vegtable and ect.


    Oh and :welcome:

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