quetiapine (seroquel) .... any thoughts/opinions?

im starting quetiapine on 26th of this month. anybody have any opinion/experience etc with this drug? it doesnt sound very nice from the reports iv read, i would appreciate some feedback so i know wot to expect. thanks

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It has been one of the medication that has brought some release to my daughter it keep her mind clear although weight gain with it she exercises daily to keep weight off. It is a good drug for her as it takes the voices away she has it teamed up with abilify as this combinations seems to be working the best for her.
I gained some weight with it, but not as much as I did risperidone. Best Antipsychotic i've used, infact the only one that has worked for me..only been on this, Risperidone and Chlorpromazine though.
Another plus side is it knocks me out for a good few hours, which means i didnt have to be on sleep meds :D


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I have been on quetiapine for about 3 years now, prior to that I was on olanzxapine (horrendous drug) and I have also been on risperodone and haloperidol. Quetiapine has been the most effective antipsychotic I have taken (I am been on bipolar meds for the last 17 years). Some people do gain weight, but this is from an increased appetitie rather than it actually making you gain weight.


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Didn't like it at all... it made me see things and I never saw things before... it made me have zero energy and feel like my personality changed. Maybe when they had me on seroquel I just didn't need an anti-psychotic.

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