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    I have been on 100mg quetiapine for a while and also take venlafaxine 300mg. But after 2 years my psychiatrist said to try and come down in dose. To do one at a time.

    So i tried the quetiapine from 100 to 50 and it was hell, so i went back up 75mg. Its been so, so. The other day when I got really stressed by night I was halluncinating, there was so many bloody mice hiding in my bedroom!!!!

    Today my gp surgery phoned about my repeat medication and said my gp has said I should be on 225mg of venlafaxine.

    Twice she phoned and said what the dr said and I tired to say what my psychiatrist said do one med reduction at once. To try and reduce them both by the end of June.
    Im so frightened to drop my venlafaxine. Ive never been so stable for 15 years and to try and cope with the reduction of both of them is so...im frightened to death. Im so scared I'll end up od ing and not being able to cope. I tried to explain to this secretary what my psyc told me and she went on and on that my psyc had sent a letter re:meds. I know i thought I Dr E gave me the bloody letter, not even in an envalope so I knew what the letter said!!

    So i dont know whether to go back up with the quetiapine and decrease the venlafaxine or what? I know you folks on here are not dr's but understand what feelings are. donnaxx