Quick Coherence (a favorite coping skill of mine)

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    i learned this coping skill at a residential place i went to, and thought i would share it.

    1. close your eyes and take slow deep breaths in, as many as you'd like
    2. imagine your heart as your lungs, your heart filling up as you inhale and shrinking as you exhale. do this a number of times.
    3. while breathing through your heart, imagine a nice memory or situation. focus on that memory: what it smelled like, looked like, felt like, etc.
    4. continue breathing until you feel calmer. then open your eyes

    this is a very quick coping skill that can be used anywhere and doesnt take a lot of time. i practiced it every day and it works really well now.
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    Great idea. Thank you for sharing.
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    Worked for me earlier when my heart was beating really fast. Thanks
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    :) I really like this.